Something Tastes Funny

Woman Tastes a Glass of Wine

In an ideal world, every wine would be fermented to absolute perfection and you would never have to worry about uncorking a musty or feral bottle right before a dinner party. While reality might not be that simple, the good news is that there are some easy tricks for identifying flaws in wine. Columbia Distributing breaks down some simple strategies to help you recognize wine faults so that you can expertly choose the best bottles in time for your next big event. Continue reading…

A Brief History of American Winemaking

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Winemaking has become immensely popular as both a business venture and a hobby in just the last 40 years, but the history of winemaking in the United States dates back to the first settlers of America. In fact, winemaking has a presence in almost every important period of American history. See why winemaking is an all-American pastime in this brief profile provided by Columbia Distributing. Continue reading…

Unlikely and Unexpected Fruits for Wine

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Whenever your friend pours you a glass of wine, one of your first thoughts is to ask what kind of grape it is made from. Wouldn’t you be surprised to learn that the wine you are sipping was actually made from a fruit other than grapes? As strange as this may seem, wines made from atypical fruits are becoming more and more of a trend, both across the United States and around the world. Here’s a look at a few of the weird wine fruits you may find on the shelves at the retailers Columbia Distributing works with across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.


Deep in the forests of New Hampshire, farmers are growing a type of kiwi without fur on its skin, and it turns out that these are the perfect types of kiwis to turn into wine. After the entire fruit is processed and fermented, the finished product reveals a semi-dry, tropical wine with tastes similar to a Riesling.

Offering a beautiful greenish hue, kiwi wine is highly refreshing and pairs well with a wide range of main entrees and desserts. While we believe wine drinkers can enjoy this kiwi variation year-round, it’s particularly popular during the summertime, as it pairs well with fresh fruit, salads, and cold soups like gazpacho.


One of the hottest trends of Japan has finally broken into the wine scene of the United States. Known across the world as plum liquor used in cocktails or enjoyed by itself, plum wine yields gorgeous shades of gold, pink, orange, purple, and red, depending on which type of plum is fermented. From Santa Rosa, Elephant Heart, and Red Beauty varieties to small wild plums, the wine this fruit produces gives off a drier taste the more it ages.

With an average alcohol content of around 12%, plum wine is approachable for all palettes and features a smooth, sweet mouthfeel and rich, tart flavors. Classified as white wine, it is typically served chilled or over ice and pairs excellently with sushi, chicken piccata, grilled tuna, or Chinese food.


They’re not just for adding to a glass of wine for a garnish or fancy finishing touch. In fact, a wide variety of wines are fermented out of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The perfect base for sangria, berry wines can be made out of a single fruit or blend of berries, producing a wide range of sweet, fruity flavors with a delightfully balanced acidity. They also make a wonderful complement to cheese plates, charcuterie, Italian dishes, and desserts.


With a deep red color easily mistaken for a red grape wine, pomegranate wine is ideal for dry wine lovers, featuring rich acidity and slightly sour flavors. It provides the perfect balance to particularly spicy cuisine, such as pepper-based recipes in Mexican, Indian, or Thai dishes.

Aside from its unique flavor profile, pomegranate wine is most known for boasting a number of health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A, B5, C, and E, it is known to help reduce inflammation, as well as improve the appearance of your skin. It’s also thought to decrease the risk of heart problems, the development of osteoarthritis and diabetes, and even the likelihood of being diagnosed with certain cancers.

Prepare Your Taste Buds

After learning about these weird wine fruits, which ones are you most curious to try? Whether you’re shopping at your local retailer or sampling the drink menu at your favorite restaurant or bar, Columbia Distributing takes pride in providing quality wines made from various fruits to establishments in the Pacific Northwest. For more information or suggestions on what to try, contact Columbia Distributing today.

Wines for a Romantic Evening

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Whether you’re heading to your favorite bring-your-own-wine restaurant or creating an intimate dinner at home, date night calls for having romantic wines at the ready. From setting the tone for the evening to bringing out the best in your meal, you’ll also impress your partner with the exquisite tastes found across your collection. Here are just a few ideas on which romantic wines are sure to make your date night one to remember. Continue reading…

A Salute to Root Beer

Mug Of Root Beer

It’s no argument that root beer is one of the most popular and timeless soft drinks of all-time. Made from extracts of roots and barks, it’s rare to find an American that has never experienced the refreshing combination of vanilla, licorice, molasses, and other flavors reminiscent of fall. As your trusted root beer distributor of the West Coast, Columbia Distributing takes a look at how such a simple drink has become one of the most beloved beverages in our nation’s history, as well as ways you can enjoy it today.

Continue reading…

Most Spirited Pumpkin Drinks for Halloween

Pumpkin Cocktail For Halloween

Few fruits define fall and the Halloween season more than pumpkins. From carving them up into your favorite spooky scenes to whipping up inspiring pumpkin pies, it’s hard to imagine Halloween without them. That’s why Columbia Distributing is spreading seasonal cheer by suggesting some of the most popular Halloween pumpkin drinks, which can all be made with the products we distribute to your local liquor store. Here are just a few ideas that will make this Halloween one to remember. Continue reading…

Most Popular Juice Fruits (And Their Benefits)

Woman Drinking Orange Juice

There’s nothing better than refreshing yourself with a cold glass of fruit juice. Depending on the type of fruit that was used to make the juice, you could be benefiting in several other ways besides the delicious taste. Continue reading…

New and Rising Wine Trends You Should Know About

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The great generational shift has shaken up several industries, and the wine industry is no stranger to this concept. As baby boomers retire and the next wave of consumers develops a passion for wine, quite a few new and exciting wine trends have emerged. Continue reading…

Warming Alcoholic Drinks for Colds

Two Steaming Hot Toddy Cocktails

Your nose is stuffy, your throat feels sore, and you have a cough that just won’t go away. If these symptoms sound familiar, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a cold. The common cold can make you feel awful, but oftentimes, it’s not enough to keep you home from work or send you to the doctor’s office. Continue reading…

Take a Winery Tour of Oregon

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Spanning 150 miles, Oregon wine country is home to over 500 wineries. The trail follows the Willamette Valley, where the mild maritime climate provides ideal conditions for growing the revered Pinot noir grape, as well as Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Melon, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon blanc and other varieties. Continue reading…