Warming Up with Mulled Wine for Winter

Mugs Of Mulled Wine

As a kid, you probably enjoyed a piping hot mug of hot chocolate to warm you up on a chilly winter evening. But now that you’re older, you can introduce alcohol into the equation with mulled wine. A classic favorite for winter, mulled wine has a long history and is part of many traditions around the holidays. If you are looking for a delicious new drink that’s perfect for sipping while staying cozy inside, learn more about mulled wine from Columbia Distributing.

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Going Green: Best Beers to Dye for St. Patrick’s Day

Mug Of Green Beer

St. Patrick’s Day is the one time of year where you’re allowed to turn everything green, including beer. If you’re out at a bar celebrating the holiday, you will likely see green beer being served by the pint to festive patrons. Often, these bars will just color whatever light beer they have on tap to serve the masses quickly. But if you appreciate quality beer, try dyeing your own at home. Columbia Distributing has put together a list of some beers that will show off the green dye well but taste great, too.

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Working at Columbia Distributing: The Experience of a Warehouse Employee in the Pacific NW

Water Bottles Ready For Delivery

Some key characteristics come to mind when you think of your dream employer. Most of us might list successful, family-oriented, and competitive benefits to name a few. And according to Samuel Valenzuela, a warehouse employee with Columbia Distributing, his employer checks off each of those boxes — plus many more. Here’s a closer look at Valenzuela’s experience with Columbia Distributing, which is based in Portland, Oregon and operates locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.
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Working at Columbia Distributing: Insider Insights from Delivery Driver John Ohmann

Tractor Trailer On Road

At Columbia Distributing, we pride ourselves on our highly skilled team of warehouse associates, merchandisers, and other industry professionals. And that feeling goes both ways, as our employees find their work both rewarding and stable. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we asked John Ohmann, a long-time delivery driver, to provide some insights about his decades-long tenure at Columbia Distributing.

A Typical Workday

Ohmann’s workday starts early – between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., to be exact. After getting ready, he leaves his house and heads to his tractor-trailer. From there, he drives to one of Columbia Distributing’s warehouses, where dedicated workers have palletized stock waiting for his truck to arrive. Using a riding pallet jack, Ohmann loads his truck, but not without the help of his very hands-on supervisor.

“Thanks to my supervisor, I’d say we have one of the most efficient runs from point A to point B,” Ohmann says.

After organizing the product load in route order, Ohmann transports it to grocery and convenience stores. At each destination, he checks the product in, and in some cases, stocks product shelves afterward. But before he leaves, Ohmann says that he always tries to end his client interactions on a positive note.

“As a driver, I represent Columbia Distributing,” says Ohmann, “and to do that to the best of my ability, I always try to leave a smile on our customers’ faces.”

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of working here?

Having come from a family that constantly moved across the United States, Ohmann wanted a job that gave him stability and security. As of March 2020, he’ll celebrate his 20th anniversary with Columbia Distributing, and that’s largely because the company has provided him with the dependability he’s always wanted.

“When I first got married, I made a promise to myself that I’d break the cycle of instability in my life,” Ohmann says. “And I was blessed to stumble right into such a job at Columbia Distributing.”

Ohmann also cites his supervisors’ great leadership as a reason he’s been so dedicated to the company. All three of his superiors over the years had different strengths, but Ohmann believes they have all had his and his fellow delivery drivers’ backs.

“Being a veteran, you sometimes want to just come into work, put your head down, and get through the day – you just feel like you’ve seen it all,” Ohmann says. “But thanks to my current and past supervisors, I feel motivated every day to improve my performance and step in when my co-workers need help or guidance.”

Join the Columbia Distributing Team

Ohmann has been with Columbia Distributing since it was a small operation and is proud of how far the company has come. He points out that each store he visits presents its own unique challenge and says that he loves interacting with customers while helping them reach the best product solutions possible.

If you’re a resident of the Pacific Northwest or Northern California and interested in an employment opportunity that delivers an experience like Ohmann has had, consider applying for a position at Columbia Distributing. We’re proud to employ more than 3,500 people in fulfilling, secure roles, and we’re looking to expand our team with more promising candidates. For more information, visit our careers page or contact us today.

A Look-Ahead to 2020 Brewery Trends

Group Of Friends At Beer Tasting

The craft brewery scene is constantly growing and evolving. There are almost 8,000 breweries in the United States, which is an all-time high. This allows certain trends and fads to gain popularity quickly and take over the industry. It seems like every year there is a new craze that comes around, giving consumers something new and exciting to try. Stay ahead of the curve with Columbia Distributing by keeping an eye on these brewery trends for 2020. Continue reading…

An Inside Look at Columbia Distributing with Warehouse Lead Tim Alberding

Warehouse Workers Having A Meeting

At Columbia Distributing, we employ more than 3,100 people throughout the Pacific Northwest and northern California in rewarding industry positions. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, including day warehouse lead Tim Alberding. Since he’ll be celebrating his 25th anniversary with Columbia Distributing in September 2020, we asked Alberding a few questions about his time with us and what he’s enjoyed the most along the way.

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Hot Chocolate Varieties From Around the World

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the best ways to warm up when it gets cold outside, so it’s unsurprising that countries across the world have their own variations on this classic recipe. Each country’s hot chocolate recipe features a little twist that shows off the local culture and culinary taste. So the next time you’re chilly and looking for a sweet treat, check out this list from Columbia Distributing to see how other people enjoy hot chocolate across the globe. Continue reading…

Winter Flavors and Mixes for Your Craft Brewery Lineup

Man With Winter Hat Drinking Outside

Thinking of winter conjures up images of snow, roaring fires, and Christmas trees. When you’re gathered inside to stay warm, there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice drink with friends and family. To make the atmosphere even more special, certain flavors and mixes are a must in the winter months. Try these craft brews and cocktails provided by Columbia Distributing this winter to see for yourself how naturally they pair with the season.

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How Brewing Has Changed Since the 1920s

Bottling Beer

As a new decade starts, it’s fun to look back and see how things have changed over the past 100 years. The decade started with one of the most notorious policy failures in the country’s history: Prohibition. This historic legislation banning the production and sale of alcohol sparked innovative brewing techniques as people tried to skirt the rules. See how some of those historic brewing techniques compare to the methods of today with help from Columbia Distributing.
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Most Distinctive Flavored Vodkas

Bartender Fixes A Vodka Drink

Vodka is known as the unsung hero of the mixed drink world. This distilled alcoholic beverage has been the quiet foundation of many favorite mixed cocktails for decades. It’s smooth, subtle profile fits in well with so many different kinds of mixers; it’s not surprising that it is a staple of homes and bars across the globe. But most don’t know that there are vodka flavors so bold and unique that they not only complement great cocktails, they are also wonderful stand-alone beverages. Columbia Distributing provides distinctive vodka flavors to the retailers, restaurants, and caterers that we serve. Here are a few that you’ll find.

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