Top Cider Fruits (That Aren’t Apples)

Cider Glass On Bar

Sipping a refreshing glass of hard apple cider is like biting into a crisp, juicy apple on a cool autumn afternoon. Apples are the predominant ingredient in most of the hard ciders we carry at Columbia Distributing, but what about other fruits?

Using different fruits to make hard cider adds a unique twist to the traditional method, offering bursts of new flavors with every sip. Almost every fruit can be fermented to make hard cider – find out which are the most popular, then head to Columbia Distributing to find your favorites.

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Perfect Spirit and Food Pairings for Your Next Get-Together

Friends Toasting

Who doesn’t love a crisp glass of wine paired with a delectable cheese spread? Though suitable for some, you might prefer a chilled glass of whiskey or a vodka cocktail instead. So when it comes to throwing your next dinner party, pairing dishes with complementary spirits is a great way to mix things up. Check out these spirit and food pairings to prepare for your next get-together with friends and family, and then find exactly what you’re looking for at Columbia Distributing.

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