Health Benefits of Iced Teas

Two glasses of iced tea

Picture it: it’s a bright, sunny day, and you’re resting in the shade. What drink would go perfectly with this setting? You guessed it – iced tea. As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, there really is no wrong place to enjoy a refreshing glass. However, many are unaware of the health benefits that drinking this popular, timeless beverage can yield. Here, Columbia Distributing, a beverage distributor in the Pacific Northwest, explores iced tea health benefits you can reap when you reach for a glass.

Healthy Source of Hydration

Unlike caffeinated beverages that can dehydrate you, iced tea proves to be a great source of hydration. This makes it a smart choice to drink during the hotter months of the year when sweating can make it difficult to maintain proper levels of hydration.

Plus, did you know that an average 12-ounce can of cola contains about 39 grams of total sugar? That’s equal to about 9 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and 140 calories in total. By drinking 12 ounces of unsweetened iced tea instead, you can consume zero sugar and only about two calories.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before, but what are they? To put it simply, they’re plant compounds that can fight cell-damaging free radicals in our bodies. These little warriors abound in iced tea, which means drinking it may enhance your body’s natural defenses.

For some of us, we find it difficult to consume all of the vitamins and nutrients we need each day. But by drinking an eight-ounce glass of black iced tea, we can get about 520 micrograms of manganese, which is 35% of the daily recommended intake for women and 23% for men.

Management of Certain Conditions

Many studies have examined the role of iced tea and its compounds, such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), play in the treatment of diseases like cancer. In the thousands of studies that have been performed, researchers have found several effects that may prove to be beneficial for some patients.

According to some researchers, drinking iced tea can also help prevent tooth loss from occurring. This is because iced tea alters the pH in our mouths, which may prevent the development of cavities. Whether these claims are true or not, iced tea at least seems to preserve our tooth enamel in ways that beverages like soda don’t.

Also, the link between iced tea consumption and heart health is a surprising but well supported one. Research has demonstrated a nearly 20% reduction in heart attack risk and a 35% reduction in stroke risk for those who drank one to three cups of green tea daily. Further, by incorporating green tea into your diet, you can even lower your LDL cholesterol, making it a great staple to add to your pantry or fridge.

Get Your Healthy Brew On

Iced tea is a breeze to make or buy pre-made. But no matter how you choose to incorporate it into your diet, you’ll enjoy its distinct, refreshing flavors while also basking in its potential health benefits. To learn more about the advantages of our iced tea brands, contact a member of the Columbia Distributing team today.