Cider or Beer? Determining Your Drink Preference

Beer And Cider

Whether you’re a beer lover or a cider connoisseur, there’s something to love about both delicious beverages. With tasty flavors and lots to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one you like more. For those who enjoy sweeter flavors, hard cider could be your next go-to drink. But if you’re into the classic, bitter taste of hops, you may enjoy beer more. Providing beer and cider to companies all over the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Distributing is here to discuss the difference between beer and cider and why you may prefer one over the other.

The Hoppy Flavors of Beer

Beer comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Breweries will make beer using different brewing processes, which creates a large variety of flavors. Beers also vary in alcohol strength. This depends on the amount of sugar that converts to alcohol during the fermentation process. Typically, breweries will use malted barley to give it the taste people know and love. However, many breweries will incorporate seasonal flavors like pumpkin or apple to give it a unique flair.

What makes beer so exciting is the endless possibilities of flavors, giving you the option to try something new no matter where you go. Breweries will usually use ingredients unique to their area, and those ingredients will vary across the country. This means you’ll be able to discover new, delicious beers on any adventure, making this the perfect activity on any trip or vacation. For this reason alone, many people prefer beer over other alcoholic beverages.

The Sweet and Dry Sensation of Cider

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter but still want a hoppy flavor, consider trying a few different ciders. Similar to beer, ciders come in several flavors and strengths. But the biggest difference between cider and beer is that ciders provide a much sweeter flavor. This has to do with the amount of sugar used and converted during the fermentation process. Breweries will usually make ciders using fermented fruit juice versus the malted barley found in beer. To enhance the sweetness, sugar is also added both before and after fermentation. This can have a direct impact on several aspects, such as:

  • Alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • Acidity
  • Texture
  • Flavor

While ciders are definitely the sweeter option, they also come in dryer flavors. This gives you a larger variety to choose from when it comes to finding ciders you enjoy. Cider also provides many health benefits due to the fruit juice used during the fermentation process. It can give your body antioxidants like polyphenols which are good for managing blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

Taste the Options from Columbia Distributing

To truly determine which drink you prefer, try some of our best beers and ciders. We are here to help you enjoy old favorites and discover new ones. With over 300 brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available, we distribute a wide variety of beverages across Oregon, Washington, and California. To learn more about Columbia Distributing, contact us today.