The current labor shortages are posing a threat to the efficient delivery of your product. A very important component to providing great service to you is your availability on the day of delivery during the hours of 8am and 5pm or during a designated delivery window. Those who are not available during these specified times will not receive product. Please keep in mind you have the options to use Will Call at your nearest branch or add your order to your next delivery day.

We appreciate your support and cooperation during these challenging times.

Health & Safety Is Our Top Priority

Amid the uncertainty that surrounds us right now, one thing that remains constant is our commitment and partnership with you, our customers, to get through this together. As we continue to monitor the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis, we want to share with you how Columbia Distributing is responding and also offer an interim ordering solution and long-term resources.

Employees: We’ve taken significant measures to enhance sanitation practices in our offices and warehouses to include an increased quantity of hand sanitizer throughout the buildings, extra cleaning in our facilities, a work from home policy when possible and the cancellation of all meetings. Gloves and masks have also been distributed to those working in the trade, including our drivers and merchandisers. All non-essential business travel has been suspended and/or canceled. Any employees with any cold/flu symptoms have been asked to stay home.

Retailers: It is very important that we keep one another informed on the health of our respective workforces. Please alert us immediately if one of your employees has tested positive for COVID-19; we will do the same for you. This will allow us to act quickly to help mitigate risk. The more abundant instances of the virus as well as the recently announced school closings will continue to place added pressure on our staff with increased absenteeism an inevitable result at this point. We will continue to service accounts to the best of our ability. Please be aware however, that in order to continue to provide you with product on an ongoing basis, our service policies will be adjusted as needed to keep our operations running as we become short-staffed.

To continue safe, timely delivery and payment of your next beverage order, all customers have been enrolled in Columbia’s Online Ordering tool. Placing an order has never been this safe & easy. Check out the quick 3-minute tutorial.