Update as of January 15, 2021:

Will Call is open at select warehouses. See specific times here. Please review the updated Will Call Protocols.

Columbia Distributing is excited to introduce Retailer Portal, our B2B eCommerce tool!

Click here to access Retailer Portal

Sign-up for Retailer Portal

Email us at RetailerPortalAccess@coldist.com with your Account#, First and Last name and we will sign your account up.  Within 24 hours you will receive a welcome email with your password and link to Retailer Portal. Please bookmark the page and save your password somewhere safe!  If you have any questions or issues please contact Customer Service.

Retailer Portal offers:

Technology when you want it…

 Easily search and browse through our products using the Retailer Portal website.

  • Input orders directly on the web 24×7 from any device: Your payment method remains the same
  • Ability to see your Delivery Schedule – will automatically update when there are changes
  • Visibility to product discounts and any out-of-stock items in your cart
  • At the touch of a button easily re-order previously purchased product
  • Browse through your Order History and review previous invoices
  • Access your account information, such as your account balance,on-demand
  • Order as many times as you want before your cut off time; orders will be consolidated into a single invoice
  • Manage all of your accounts from a single place

 People when you want it…​

  • Direct line of contact to our Direct Sale Representatives (DSR) for orders when you need help beyond the Retailer Portal. The DSR phone numbers are on Retailer Portal under Contacts.
  • Field Service Representatives (FSR) can also visit locations to sell in products, create features, collaborate on promotions, deliver POS, and audit quality. ​ You can request on-demand with our DSR!