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If you are still using Retailer Portal – please continue to use until you have been formally migrated to the The Fridge.  Sales Representatives will be working with retailers on a transition plan.

The Fridge

Columbia Distributing has launched a new proprietary business to business online ordering tool called: The Fridge. Read more about it here. 

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You must have your Columbia Account # and Zip code to register.  Our customers service reps will follow-up and get you set-up within 24-48 business hours.

If you’re new to Columbia please set-up your account with us.

Other Programs & Resources

Fintech’s Autopay Service

Enrollment form for Washington customers – CLICK HERE.

Enrollment form for Oregon customers – CLICK HERE. 

Electronic Payment Program

Available for customers with 1 – 5 delivery locations, our electronic payment program offers a quick and easy method for making payments. By setting up electronic payment, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenient, no-additional-cost payments
  • Faster deliveries
  • No need to pay with cash, checks or money orders

Fill out an electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment form to set up your electronic payment account and begin reaping the benefits of online payment.

Draft Tools & Resources

We’re ready to equip you with tools and resources to ensure you can stay up and running with limited interruptions.