Columbia Distributing is excited to introduce Retailer Portal, our B2B eCommerce tool! Click below to:

Access Retailer Portal

Sign-up for Retailer Portal

Within 24 hours of signing up you will receive a welcome email with your password and link to Retailer Portal. Please bookmark the page and save your password somewhere safe!

Retailer Portal offers:

Technology when you want it…

 Easily search and browse through our products using the Retailer Portal website.

  • Input orders directly on the web 24×7 from any device: Your payment method remains the same
  • Ability to see your Delivery Schedule – will automatically update when there are changes
  • Visibility to product discounts and any out-of-stock items in your cart
  • At the touch of a button easily re-order previously purchased product
  • Browse through your Order History and review previous invoices
  • Access your account information, such as your account balance,on-demand
  • Order as many times as you want before your cut off time; orders will be consolidated into a single invoice
  • Manage all of your accounts from a single place

 People when you want it…​

  • Direct line of contact to our Direct Sale Representatives (DSR) for orders when you need help beyond the Retailer Portal. The DSR phone numbers are on Retailer Portal under Contacts.
  • Field Service Representatives (FSR) can also visit locations to sell in products, create features, collaborate on promotions, deliver POS, and audit quality. ​ You can request on-demand with our DSR!