Washington, Oregon & California’s┬áLeading Beverage Distributor

At Columbia Distributing, our 80 years of distributing excellence has given us a long list of drinks that we proudly distribute. With a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including domestic and imported beers, craft beers, hard cider, wine, spirits and more, we have something for every event, bar, and retail store. But alcoholic drinks aren’t all we distribute. We also carry an extensive selection of specialty non-alcoholic beverages, including sodas, energy drinks, teas, and wellness beverages. Read on to learn about all the great non-alcoholic beverages we distribute.

To Your Health!

We proudly distribute a wide range of drinks specially made to promote well-being. From teas to juices and more, we take great pride in our supply of brand-name wellness drinks. Boost your immunity with one of our kombucha teas, or give your body the energy and fortification it needs with Body Armor, an industry-leading electrolyte drink made with coconut water. For a full list of of all of the great brands we carry, check out our Brands page.

Energy Drinks

When coffee isn’t cutting it, an energy drink can be the perfect solution to your daily battle with fatigue. At Columbia Distributing, our team distributes a large number of energy drinks to locations across the Northwest. In addition to Red Bull, one of the world’s leading brands in energy drinks, we also have several energy drinks aimed at more than just giving you a jolt. Bai’s extensive line of products combine delicious juices and natural sweeteners with the antioxidant-packed coffeefruit for flavors like Guatemala Guava, Waikiki Coconut, and Costa Rica Clementine with only 5 calories.


For a sweet carbonated drink perfect for all ages, nothing beats the refreshing fizz of a soda. We proudly carry and distribute some of the nation’s largest soda brands, including: 7-Up, RC Cola, A&W, Snapple, and more! Stock your shelves and refrigerators with the world’s best sodas from our distributors!

Three-Tier Delivery: The Safest Distribution System

At Columbia Distributing, we care about the safety of our products and the satisfaction of our partners. We abide by the federally-mandated three-tier delivery system to ensure safe delivery and sales for every company we work with. Visit our About Us page to learn more.