Brewing for Good: How Human Power Drives New Belgium Brewing

Man skateboarding with New Belgium Fat Tire Ale

Many customers are looking to shop from companies with a wider mission. They want to connect with businesses in ways that make a difference for the Earth. One brewery that does this effectively is New Belgium Brewing, a sustainable and revolutionary business in the craft beer industry. This April, we highlight their mission to celebrate Earth Month.

They have been experimenting and finding more sustainable brewing practices for years. Now, they have the first certified carbon-neutral beer in the United States. Here, Columbia Distributing, a supplier of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, talks about the history of New Belgium Brewing, their commitment to sustainability, and their signature brews: Fat Tire Ale and Voodoo Ranger.

Signature Beers by New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing offers two signature beers, including:

Fat Tire

Fat Tire is New Belgium Brewing’s classic ale beverage that launched them into a well-known craft beer company. This is the first certified carbon-neutral beer in the U.S. The flavors take inspiration from 1930s Belgium, where Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch found their influence. The beer features a crisp finish with a partially fruity hop profile, as well as a 5.2% ABV rating, and is only 140 calories.

Voodoo Ranger

Venturing into the world of IPAs, Voodoo Ranger is the original IPA made by New Belgium Brewing. The beverage uses Amarillo and Mosaic hops to create juicy, fruity flavors and tropical scents. It also has a 7.0% ABV rating. Voodoo Ranger also comes in other IPA flavors, such as:

Finding Sustainable Ways to Make Beer

Over the summer of 2003, New Belgium Brewing’s commitment to sustainability allowed them to be awarded Benefit Corporation (B Corp) status and become a 1% for the Planet member. Fat Tire became the first beer certified carbon neutral in 2020, which meant its brewing and production requires zero carbon emissions, offering consumers a truly eco-friendly beer.

Customers can see their sustainability work in action. For example, they use lightweight fiber beer bottling packaging alongside bigger efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Not only does this decrease waste, but it also cuts back on the amount of fuel required for shipping products. Their climate-friendly barley breeding practices also contribute to reduced energy usage.

Although New Belgium Brewing is already making waves in the sustainable brewing industry, the brewery is always looking for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why they are also certified by 1% for the Planet. Through this movement, New Belgium Brewing reserves at least 1% of its annual sales and gives it to approved environmental partners. This solidifies and continues their promise to create a more sustainable planet.

Today, New Belgium Brewing has donated over $17 million to nonprofit organizations fighting for climate change. They have also contributed funding to research for climate-resilient barley.

About New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing is a brewery that has revolutionized how the industry makes beer. The brewery puts sustainability at the forefront of its mission, using environmentally friendly brewing practices to make its beer. This led them to create the first certified carbon-neutral beer in the U.S.

The brewery began in 1988 when co-founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch went on a bike trip through Belgium as a young couple. They were so inspired by the brewing traditions and flavors of Belgium that they decided to put their knowledge to the test in their hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. They soon began moving brewing equipment into their basement, where they would produce the early stages of their signature beer.

Their first batch was brewed with a copper pipe in a trash can, which allowed them to reuse heat that would otherwise be wasted. Since then, they have mastered the art of sustainably producing beer. Now, they rely on renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, to run operations, with 60% of their facility powered by renewable electricity.

Kim Jordan played a large part in the success of New Belgium Brewing brewery, especially in the beginning. She took on the job as a bottler, distributor, marketer, and financial planner alongside her role as the brewery’s CEO. Soon, she launched New Belgium Brewing into a large-scale craft brewery and became a powerhouse in this partially women-owned brewery.

With abundant sustainable practices in place, New Belgium Brewing’s goal is to bring awareness to climate change. They understand that climate change affects the production of essential ingredients like barley, water, and other resources. This is why they continue to fight toward a more sustainable future.

Try New Belgium Brewing’s Sustainable Brews at Columbia Distributing

New Belgium Brewing is a catalyst in a larger movement for change within the craft beer industry. They continue to honor their commitment to sustainability and are always improving their brewing practices to achieve as close to zero carbon emissions as possible. Customers can find Fat Tire, Voodoo Ranger, and other brands of craft beer at Columbia Distributing in Washington and Oregon. To learn more about New Belgium Brewing, contact us today.