Enjoying Cold Chocolate Drinks When It Gets Hot

Chocolate milk in jar with bowl of cocoa and cinnamon sticks

Enjoying an ice-cold chocolate drink in hot weather cools you off no matter what scientific researchers say. Scientists argue that hot drinks cool people off better than cold beverages, but anecdotal evidence demonstrates a clear preference for cold beverages on a hot day. At Columbia Distributing, we carry an extensive assortment of chocolate-flavored drinks, premium sodas, and chocolate beverages for our health-conscious customers, including wellness drinks designed for active people.

Science Fails to Consider Key Aspects of Cooling Down

Scientific studies conclude that cold beverages only cool you off briefly. If you drink beverages loaded with calories, which many chocolate-type drinks have in abundance, the calories trigger metabolic processes that eventually generate more heat. Scientists have used these findings to claim that hot drinks can cool you down more effectively than cold beverages.

Key Anecdotal Evidence No. 1

Feeling too hot in an air-conditioned building can be primarily caused by your mental attitude. Drinking hot coffee or eating heavy meals happens less often in hot weather. Most people order the tallest, coldest beverage available when they’re hot or perceive that they’re hot. Chocolate inspires excitement, and the caffeine level of both coffee and chocolate-type drinks gives you an energy boost, which helps you deal with hot weather. That’s why iced coffee was invented.

Key Anecdotal Evidence No. 2

People don’t load the coffee maker or hot plate to carry with them on picnics. They do, however, carry ice to cool their beverages. That includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and at Columbia Distributing, we carry a full line of all types of beverages for our customers to take with them outdoors.

Key Anecdotal — and Scientific — Evidence No. 3

Cold liquids possibly provide a psychological cooling effect, but that’s OK with us since feeling too hot or too cold depends on each person’s attitude to some degree. After relaxing from physical activity, a cold glass of a chocolate-flavored drink will definitely cool you initially. After resting, you’re refreshed and ready to climb that rock, surf that wave, or just return from your picnic.

Scientifically, the cooling effect of cold beverages can be attributed to rehydration effects. The cool liquid provides internal cooling by boosting the heat transfer effects of perspiring. Sweating is the body’s greatest resource for removing excess heat. The wide variety of beverages we carry gives you an incredible range of choices for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Science Fails to Recognize Obvious Facts

We sell a lot more non-alcoholic beverages in hot weather than we do in cold weather. Other companies experience similar results, and failing to recognize obvious evidence that refutes the above theories could be considered unscientific. 

It’s true that a relatively small amount of liquid quickly loses its ability to cool you down physically. The swallowed liquid quickly warms up to match your body’s internal temperature. Drinking large quantities of cooling liquids – perhaps a delicious coffee and chocolate combination – could cause your blood circulation to slow, which damages your heat exchange system and adds fuel to your internal fires.

However, this evidence fails to consider the psychological effects of drinking an ice-cold beverage on a hot, sticky day. Imagine how cool and tasty a chocolate beverage would be and ignore the scientific facts. You deserve an ice-cold beverage, and you should resist any effort to deny you that choice.

Satisfy Your Thirst with Columbia Distributing

When you’re looking for the perfect chocolate-flavored beverage to cool off, look no further than Columbia Distributing. We carry an expanded choice of cold chocolate beverages, ranging from health and wellness drinks to chocolate stouts. Contact us today to explore our offerings.