Deschutes Brewery: The Taste of Oregon

Deschutes Brewery has a long-standing history in its community, Bend, Oregon. Named after the Deschutes River, it started as a small brewpub in 1988, where friends, family, and neighbors could gather over a pint. While its reach has expanded, Deschutes Brewery’s mission has always remained the same— “Creating community over damn tasty beer.”

Deschutes tap handles

Craft Beers from Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery has been producing delicious-tasting craft beers, ranging from pale ales to rich stouts such as:


  • King Crispy Pilsner: A classic German-style pilsner with a light, crisp body and hints of floral for added taste. (ABV: 4.8%)

Pale Ales

  • Mirror Pond Pale Ale: A delicious pale ale that delivers flavors and aromas from citrusy hops, with slight hints of caramel malt. (ABV: 5%)

India Pale Ales (IPAs)

  • Fresh Haze IPA: A hazy spin on the original main squeeze, this IPA is a juicy explosion of orange and tropical fruit notes. 
  • Squeezy Rider IPA: West Coast vibes meet a juicy, refreshing taste with this IPA. Tropical fruit and a dab of dankness leave consumers going with the flow. (ABV: 7%)
  • Fresh Squeezed IPA: Crafted with a refreshing blend of juicy and tropical hops, this is the perfect beer for any occasion. (ABV: 6.4%)
  • Tropical Fresh IPA: A tropical twist on India pale ale, this refreshingly familiar and balanced IPA brings the vacation vibes with notes of bright citrus and tropical fruit. (ABV: 6.5%)
  • Symphonic Chronic Double Dank IPA: A perfectly harmonious Double IPA featuring a mashup of bright tropical fruit aromas and notes of resinous pine. (ABV: 9%)
  • Fresh Squeezed Non-Alcoholic IPA: A non-alcoholic alternative with the same refreshing notes of bright citrus and tropical fruit. (ABV: 0%)


  • Black Butte: Black Butte Porter: With notes of rich chocolate and coffee, a luscious creaminess, and a roasted finish, this porter is widely revered. (ABV: 5.5%)
  • Black Butte Anniversary: An imperial, barrel-aged version of Deschutes Brewery’s flagship Black Butte Porter. (ABV: 12%)


  • Obsidian Stout: Inspired by the crystallized lava flows in central Oregon, this beer features black barley and roasted malts that deliver a flavorful taste. (ABV: 6.4%)
  • The Coconut Abyss: This is a decadent beer with roasted coconut flakes, licorice, cherry bark, and vanilla beans on top of a rich imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels. (ABV: 14.3%)
  • Peanut Butter Obsidian Stout: A nutty, decadent stout brewed with real peanut butter and blended with whiskey-barrel-aged stout. (ABV: 9%)


  • Planete Plum: A complex sour red ale barrel-aged in wine and brandy with notes of dark red fruit and plum. (ABV: 11.6%)
  • The Dissident Marionberry: This beer offers an unmatched complexity of flavor, including oak and marionberries, with some bright acidity.(ABV: 11.7%)

About Deschutes Brewery

From humble beginnings, Deschutes Brewery has gained national recognition for beers enjoyed throughout the PNW and across the country.  Most recently, in 2024, they received four awards from the prestigious World Beer Cup: Gold for Neon Butterfly (Brett Beer), Gold for Machimitsu (Honey Beer), Gold for Black Butte Non-Alcohol Beer (NA Beer), and Silver for Sensationator (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer).

In keeping with its core value of community, Deschutes supports a variety of non-profit organizations within the communities they serve. They invest in organizations with a primary focus on diversity and inclusion, water and land conservation, hunger prevention, and youth services.

Deschutes emphasizes sustainability to minimize its environmental impact. As a Green Power Partner through the EPA, they partner with conservation organizations, implements recycling and composting programs, and much more.

Deschutes Brewery Products at Columbia Distributing

Deschutes Brewery is known for crafting beers with flavorful profiles that consumers love. While their beverages are what stand out, the brewery is also widely revered for its focus on community and giving back. To learn more about Deschutes Brewery products distributed throughout Oregon and Washington, via Columbia Distributing, contact us today.