Sampling the Different Styles of Rum

Several Types of Rum On A Shelf

With a history that stretches across centuries and continents, rum has long been a mixology staple. Thanks to sweetness derived from sugarcane byproducts, rum makes the perfect addition to any number of mixers and can be enjoyed alone over ice. But do you know all the rum styles available today? Columbia Distributing breaks down the different types of rum to help you find the variety best-suited to your preferences.

White Rum

Also called silver or light rum, this variant is popular for mixed drinks due to its mild flavor. White rum comes largely from Puerto Rico and is often filtered, giving it a clear color. Mojitos, daiquiris and piña coladas are just a few popular drinks enhanced by white rum’s slightly sweet, straightforward flavor.

Dark Rum

Dark rum is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a darker color and deep, rich flavors that characterize a quality bottle. Often distilled from molasses and aged for a longer period of time in oak barrels, this spirit has ample opportunity to absorb flavor and build complexity. Drink it neat, or add it to a cocktail like the dark and stormy.

Spiced Rum

Spiced rum can be controversial – some love its warmer, flavorful taste, while others prefer unspiced varieties that let the natural characteristics of rum shine through. However, spiced rum comes in a variety of styles with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and caramel notes, just to name a few, making it easy to find variations suited to many cocktail recipes and your personal preferences. These rums are also the perfect way to make a simple, refreshing cocktail like the timeless rum and coke.

Flavored Rum

Looking for a fun way to jazz up tropical cocktails? Flavored rum shines for these uses and offers a number of tasty options, including infusions of banana, mango, coconut, pineapple and more. These flavors are typically added after distillation, and the rum’s alcohol content is often less than 40%.

Gold Rum

Gold rum, also known as amber rum, creates a midpoint between the clarity of white rum and dark rum’s highly concentrated flavor. It’s aged in oak barrels to create a golden hue and makes a great choice for those who prefer a medium-bodied spirit. Characteristics vary by distillery, but gold rum offers a special kick in drinks like rum punch.

Rum for Every Need

With so many styles of rum to choose from, it’s wise to keep a variety on-hand for cocktails of all kinds. To learn more about rum and its many applications, contact Columbia Distributing today. We offer a wide selection of rum and other beverages, including spirits, beer, wine and more to accommodate your needs.