Employee Profile: Working with Salesperson Brandon Shaw

A career in the beverage distribution industry can provide individuals with many benefits. This statement rings especially true for the employees at Columbia Distributing. A premier alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage distributor in Washington and Oregon, Columbia Distributing supplies retailers with a variety of well-known brands and serves as a top destination for prospective employees looking to break into this exciting industry.

Brandon Shaw, a salesperson for Columbia Distributing, has been with the company for five years and has thorough experience working for the beverage distributor. Here, Shaw shares his experiences as well as provides insight into what he thinks makes Columbia Distributing a great company to work for.

Duties as a Salesperson and Training

Working in a fast-paced industry like beverage distribution requires you to retain ample information, so much so that it keeps you on your toes, says Shaw. Using a list of accounts with orders that need to be fulfilled for next-day deliveries, Shaw observes clients’ shelves to get a better understanding of what they need. Shaw’s duties also require him to speak with store managers about their displays, ensuring everything meets the standards Columbia Distributing has set.

To learn the duties of this role, Shaw worked closely with his merchandising supervisor who taught him the tricks of the trade. The in-depth onboarding process included putting Shaw under the supervision of highly knowledgeable individuals who provided him with the necessary skills and education to succeed in his role.

Beyond Training

Once you become a Columbia Distributing employee, the training you receive does not stop after your initial hire. The vision and values at Columbia Distributing allow the company to promote the professional growth of its employees and encourage them to continue their professional journey. There are always new tasks to learn, which means employees can access a wide range of training opportunities. These training programs are designed to highlight different skills employees may come across during their duties and show them new and improved methods for increasing their efficiency and performance.

Employees at Columbia Distributing take pride in seeing other members of the team excel in their roles. Shaw explains how his direct supervisors encourage him to be better. “They push me in areas where I am lacking and commend me in areas I am excelling in,” he says. “My superiors remain in contact with me, giving me information that I need to perform my job and providing me with help when I ask for it.”

Shaw also explains how his superiors challenge him. “I am always given opportunities to take on more work should I choose to,” he says. These new challenges motivate Shaw and stimulate his growth within Columbia Distributing.

The Appeal of Columbia Distributing

Before his employment at Columbia Distributing, Shaw previously worked in customer service roles for five years. When Shaw decided it was time to continue his career path, he chose Columbia Distributing because of the opportunity for growth within the organization.

“When it was time to look for a new job, I chose Columbia because I knew a lot of people who worked there who had long careers and who still work here to this day,” he explains. “The growth in many different areas is a great selling point for prospective employees.”

Another appeal for Shaw during his job search was the variety of different roles at Columbia Distributing. “It’s not just selling or stocking beer and soda,” Shaw says. “You can do a lot of different things, from merchandising and driving to being a salesperson or a manager — even working in IT.”

Advice for Prospective Employees

According to Shaw, those who wish to join the winning team at Columbia Distributing also need a winning outlook. Because much of the job focuses on communicating with customers and coworkers, Shaw stresses the importance of the right attitude.

“Advice I can give is to come in with lots of energy, an open mind, and eagerness to learn,” he says. “If you have a great attitude, you can do great things in this company.”

Career Opportunities at Columbia Distributing

If you’re located in Washington or Oregon and seeking a rewarding profession, consider applying for one of the open positions at Columbia Distributing. We value the work of our employees and look to show our gratitude in a variety of ways, including through the following excellent benefits:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and prescription insurance
  • Access to Teladoc
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 401k plan
  • Paid vacation, holiday, sick, and volunteer time
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Disability insurance

Columbia Distributing hosts hiring events that allow prospective employees to better understand our winning work culture. Contact us today for information about our open positions and how to apply.