Employee Spotlight: Dayne Richardson

Columbia Distributing is a company with low turnover, where employees thrive and advance in their careers. Dayne Richardson can attest to that after working here for 17 years. Now carrying a high level of responsibility, Richardson serves as District Manager.

Dayne Richardson, district manager at Columbia Distributing

Columbia Distributing serves customers throughout Washington and Oregon, delivering an extensive selection of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage brands. Here, we share Dayne Richardson’s career story.

About Dayne Richardson

Richardson was working at Youngs Market Co. at the time that Columbia Distributing assumed ownership. Although the job duties were similar, Richardson acknowledges that “they were also very different at the same time. Columbia is better.”

When Richardson started at Columbia Distributing, there was no training program or onboarding procedure, two things that are solidly in place for new employees today.

A Day in the Life of Dayne Richardson

The workday starts with Richardson running the PFP goal updates, which reflect the projected goals of the district, as well as the representative revenue. The latter numbers assist Richardson in determining where the team may need additional support, and “to help make sure all of their needs are taken care of.” Next on the daily agenda is responding to accumulated emails. “I then hit the trade, typically meeting with a sales rep or doing account surveys,” says Richardson.

Working at Columbia Distributing

Describing the company culture as dynamic, Richardson points out that everyone is generally happy and enjoys coming to work each day. “Columbia Distributing focuses on and highlights diversity-equity-inclusion and strongly emphasizes a zero hate policy. We are committed to these core values, and making sure Columbia is a safe, positive, and loving work environment,” adds Richardson.

In addition, there is a structure in place to advance people within the company. “There are training and mentorships to help with career advancement, as well as surveys, and tools like employee reviews. The company provides managers with the keys to help guide employees to the next step in advancement, and how to improve in current roles,” says Richardson.

Discover Your Role at Columbia Distributing

Richardson emphasizes that at Columbia Distributing, “you are treated like an important piece of the overall puzzle of the company’s success, your work is valued, and it truly feels like family.” If you want a career with long-term opportunities in Oregon or Washington, consider applying at Columbia Distributing. For more information, contact us today.