Employee Spotlight – Sara Hutchinson, Combo Sales Representative

Columbia Distributing is proud to highlight Sara Hutchinson for her daily contributions and hard work. Having been with Columbia Distributing for six years, Hutchinson began her tenure as a merchandiser before stepping into her current role as a combo sales representative. Responsible for writing orders, rotating, and getting alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic products to the shelves, Hutchinson plays a vital role in the success of Columbia Distributing throughout Oregon and Washington. Here, we detail Hutchinson’s perspective on working at Columbia Distributing and what makes working here stand out from other employers.

Sara Hutchison headshot


Starting a Promising Career

Before joining the Columbia Distributing family, Hutchinson spent 13 years in the restaurant industry. When making the switch into the beverage distributor space, one thing that stood out to Hutchinson was the security she felt at Columbia Distributing, which with a family was especially important to her.

When first arriving at Columbia Distributing, Hutchinson received training for her role in sales. She states, “Moving into sales, I was placed with another representative on their daily route. He was able to show me his day-to-day. He trained me on the VIP sales system as well as the little things I never really knew about.”

Enjoying Our Company Culture

While working at Columbia Distributing, Hutchinson highlights her coworkers as a differentiating factor. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Columbia Distributing, Hutchinson answered, “The amazing people I work with. We can joke around together, and no matter what I know that we are all here to support each other.”

Opportunity for growth is another aspect of the company culture at Columbia Distributing that Hutchinson appreciates. “We are offered tons of opportunities for growth,” Hutchinson states. “There are plenty of training videos and courses offered that you can take on your own time.”

Hutchinson has taken the opportunity to join Columbia Distributing’s Culture Committee. Being a member for the last three years has given her valuable insight into things that go on behind the scenes at Columbia Distributing.

Join Our Team for a Rewarding Work-Life Balance

Serving Oregon and Washington, Columbia Distributing’s greatest asset is our dedicated workforce. We are proud to employ workers like Sara Hutchinson who make daily contributions to the success of our company. Those interested in joining the Columbia Distributing team can browse our open positions or contact us today.