Energy Drink Or Water: Picking Out Your Ideal Pick-Me-Up

Two Women Walking With Energy Drinks

Whether you’re heading out for a run, visiting the gym, or pumping up for an important meeting, you may wonder which drink to reach for: an energy drink or water? Columbia Distributing provides a variety of nonalcoholic beverages for stores and restaurants throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, including water and popular energy drinks. Learn how to choose the best options for your needs with this quick comparison.

Energy Drink Pros and Cons

An energy drink is a beverage made to increase energy levels, concentration, and endurance. These drinks rely on stimulants, like caffeine, herbs, and amino acids, as well as Vitamin B to keep you alert and ready. If you need to focus on an important work task, level up during a long night of gaming, or study for a big test, energy drinks can help improve mental acuity and avoid drowsiness – even when you’re burning the midnight oil. Depending on the blend of active ingredients, these beverages may reduce mental fatigue and enhance memory and reaction time as well.  Energy drinks are also delicious, and you can find them in a variety of flavors and no- or low-calorie formulas to fit your preferences.

Energy drinks are often used as a mixer with alcoholic beverages to whip up tasty drinks. While it’s easy to understand the appeal of doing so, these drinks may amplify the effects of alcohol, leaving you feeling more intoxicated. Always drink responsibly, especially when serving alcohol and energy drinks together.

You should also keep in mind that some people are very sensitive to the stimulants in energy drinks. For most of us, over-consumption is likely to cause jitters, anxiety, upset stomach, and other unpleasant symptoms. Energy drinks can also disrupt sleep, making you feel more tired, consume more, and repeat this cycle. In general, there’s no harm in reaching for an energy drink during a long day or drive, and studies have even shown some types may improve our driving abilities. Just make sure to limit consumption, especially for children who may be extra sensitive to these invigorating concoctions.

Water Pros and Cons

Water is essential for health. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration and even cause issues with focus, fatigue, and athletic performance. While the notion that everyone needs eight glasses of water each day may be overstated, staying hydrated helps prevent headaches, curb hunger, and even prevent serious problems like kidney stones. At the same time, when we don’t get enough water we may experience fatigue, confusion, and mood swings that make it more difficult to stay focused and productive.

Is there a downside to drinking water? In a word, no. While it is possible to drink too much and cause health problems, this is an extremely rare concern and very unlikely to happen to healthy individuals. You can feel good about reaching for a can, bottle, or carton of water any time, especially during your workout or other physical activity, when the body loses fluids via sweat.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that water doesn’t have to be boring. There are countless powder mixes, drops, and other flavorings on the market that add great taste to any bottle of water, and most have few or no calories or sugar. For a healthier twist, add a squeeze of lemon or lime or chunks of your favorite fruits to your water bottle. You can also opt for sparkling water, which provides the same health benefits with fizzy fun.

Providing Water, Energy Drinks, and Other Nonalcoholic Beverages for the West Coast

When you need a pick-me-up, both water and energy drinks can provide the refreshment you seek. Just remember, water is an anytime beverage, but energy drinks should be consumed in moderation. Whatever you choose to drink, stock up on your favorite brands at stores near you from Columbia Distributing, a premier beverage distributor serving CA, OR, and WA. Contact us today to learn more about our full spectrum of products.