Is Hard Kombucha Good for You? Exploring Possible Health Benefits

Woman pouring hard kombucha into glass garnished with raspberry

Healthier alcoholic beverages with low calories and potentially no hangovers are popular these days. One such drink having its moment in the spotlight is hard kombucha, which has become the preferred alcoholic beverage among health-conscious individuals. The fermented drink is often considered to be a gut-friendly alternative to standard alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and hard seltzer because it’s touted as natural and rich in probiotics. But does it provide actual health benefits? Learn more about its health benefits from Columbia Distributing, serving Washington and Oregon.

What Is Hard Kombucha?

Hard kombucha is a fermented beverage prepared from tea (green or black), sugar, and yeast. The fermenting process that produces ordinary kombucha generates a trace amount of alcohol, but not enough to cause intoxication.

Hard kombucha is different from other varieties based on the amount of tea, sugar, and starter culture or yeast. It is also fermented for a longer time. The result is that it has more alcohol content due to the long fermentation process.

Does Kombucha Have Probiotics?

There are many surprising facts about kombucha. One primary fact is that it contains probiotics. Typically, kombucha has helpful bacteria that boost gut health and digestion. The question is, how does the higher alcohol concentration of hard kombucha influence its probiotics?

Some health nutritionists suggest that it does not have a significant amount of helpful probiotics. However, the quantity of beneficial probiotics in it depends on its alcohol by volume content (ABV). For instance, some companies have tested their hard kombucha and concluded that the probiotics cannot withstand high ABV.

Although you’re likely to get some gut-friendly probiotics from hard kombucha, it does not have the same quantity of probiotics found in normal kombucha.

Is Hard Kombucha Healthy?

Although its probiotics might not be potent, hard kombucha is still a better option than other alcoholic brands. Since it’s made from natural components such as black or green tea, bacteria, and yeast, it can give your body many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s naturally gluten-free and has fewer carbs, sugars, and calories per serving than beer and popular drinks like the classic Manhattan and vodka cranberries.

It also contains beneficial acids. The polyphenols and acids in normal kombuchas, such as lactic, acetic, glucuronic, and butyric acids, will still benefit you. The health benefits of these acids include raising the nutritional value of meals, improving digestion, and increasing antioxidant activity.

Even though it can be a healthier choice compared to other alcoholic beverages, excessive drinking of hard kombucha also has the usual downsides of consuming alcohol, like liver damage. Be sure to check the label if you are concerned about the alcohol content or ingredients used.

Comparing Nutrition: Hard Kombucha Nutritionally vs. Other Drinks

Hard kombucha can benefit individuals looking for low-ABV alcoholic beverages. Here’s a comparison between hard kombucha with other alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol Content

Hard kombucha has an alcohol concentration halfway between beer and wine. Data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism revealed that most beer beverages have an average of 5% ABV, whereas wine has an ABV of about 12%. Hard kombucha has an ABV that ranges from 4.5% to 7%.

Sugar Content

Since hard kombucha is made from sugar, it naturally has more sugar than other alcoholic beverages, depending on the brand. Some of its variants are almost sugar-free, so check the label if you’re looking for a lower-sugar variety.


Hard kombucha is a better bet than something like a traditional frozen margarita based on its calorie content. It usually has 85 to 150 calories per can. In addition, it is often free of wheat and grain and an excellent gluten-free alternative to beer if you have celiac disease and require a gluten-free option.

Explore Hard Kombucha and Other Beverages with Columbia Distributing

Hard kombucha may have some nutritional benefits depending on its probiotic content. It can be an excellent alternative to beer or wine if you prefer low-ABV beverages. Nonetheless, it’s still an alcoholic beverage, and excessive consumption can cause adverse health effects like liver damage.

However, if you fancy other alcoholic beverages and live in Oregon or Washington, you’ve probably sampled some of our finest brands while frequenting your favorite restaurants. Columbia Distributing is a top Northwest beverage distributor dedicated to producing quality products, quick delivery, and premium customer service. Contact us today for more information about our beverages and to explore the different brands of hard kombucha we carry.