In the Cooler: 4 Picks from Métier Brewing Company

Métier Brewing Company believes great beer should be for everyone. Its mission is to strengthen its community, while providing a welcoming space for families, friends, and those who appreciate exceptional beer. Discover what this Seattle brewery has to offer.

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Métier Brewing Company Brews to Remember

Inspired by tradition, but not bound to it, Métier Brewing Company brews innovative and accessible craft beers to accommodate a wide range of preferences, with many available to licensed beverage retailers in Oregon and Washington from Columbia Distributing.

Black Stripe Coconut Porter

Infused with toasted coconut, this Porter is silky smooth, rich and robust, with a touch of sweetness on the finish. Won Silver in 2018 WA Beer Awards. (ABV: 5%)

Horizon IPA

Idaho 7, Amarillo, and Azacca hops combine to create a fruit and danky IPA with strong notes of tangerines. Additions of sweet orange peels bring a zesty citrus aroma. Won Gold in 2020 Sip Magazine Best of NW. (ABV: 7.5%)

Pale Ale

A crisp and delicious Pale Ale. Exhibits a vigorous hop profile and wonderful aromatics of tropical fruit and citrus. (ABV: 6.2%)

Sparkling Hop Water

A refreshingly light beverage, providing all the taste without the alcohol. It’s crisp, citrusy, piney, and zero-proof; infused with hoppy aromas and a burst of energizing juniper, its smoky earthiness is perfectly balanced by a citrusy finish. Enjoy it with your favorite foods, bring it on a hike or bike ride, or mix it with your favorite spirit for a refreshing cocktail. Available in 12oz cans.

About Métier Brewing Company

With a commitment to its craft, Métier Brewing Company is driven by expanding what craft beer has traditionally represented: intention and integrity.

While Métier Brewing Company’s craft beers stand out, so does its mission, which was born through co-founders, Rodney Hines and Todd Herriott’s shared passion for great beer and community. Using diversity as a principle, Métier is first and foremost a Black- and queer-led team of beer lovers and community makers. Proud to be one of the few Black-owned breweries in the country, they are deeply committed to building and furthering inclusivity in the industry and beyond.

Community is critical to Métier Brewing Company’s success. They continuously look for new ways to cultivate a space inviting for everyone, including their employees, customers, vendors, and community partners. Métier proudly partners with local vendors, charities, and artists whose values include furthering diversity and inclusivity. Métier believes these partnerships help build awareness on important topics, reinvigorate their cultures, and bring their mission new life.

Explore Métier Brewing Company Products at Columbia Distributing

Métier Brewing Company supports community throughout Seattle and beyond, and supports great-tasting beer by providing inclusive spaces for people of all backgrounds and interests. For more information about Métier Brewing Company products available in Washington and Oregon, contact us today at Columbia Distributing.