More than Pint Glasses and Mugs: A Beer Glassware Guide

Beer assortment in variety of beer glasses

As you’re drinking a delicious glass of your favorite beer, you may notice that while still refreshing, it tastes a little different from time to time. This may be directly correlated to the type of glass it is being served in.

Not all beer glasses are created the same. Some are designed specifically for certain varieties of beer, enhancing their flavors and creating a more enjoyable experience for the consumer. Here, Columbia Distributing outlines the different types of beer glasses and their appropriate uses.

American Pint Glass

Commonly referred to as a traditional pint glass, this type of glassware is a staple at restaurants and bars because of its incredible versatility. The pint glass is acceptable to use with most types of beers, ranging from ales and stouts to IPAs and lagers. The glass itself holds 16 oz., providing plenty of room for a standard can of beer. It features a tapered design with straight edges and a wide mouth, making it easy to clean and store after each use. Consider the American pint glass as an all-purpose glassware option due to its basic design. It neither enhances nor diminishes the taste of any beer you choose to enjoy with it.

Pilsner Glass

Primarily intended to be paired with pilsner beers, these glasses can also be enjoyed with light beers such as blonde ales and lagers. The tall, slim, and slightly wider-at-the-mouth design makes pilsner glasses and the beer in them beautiful to look at. A few variations of the pilsner glass exist with some featuring a completely straight design and others including curves.

What makes this type of beer glass unique is its ability to showcase the beer’s clarity, golden hue, and carbonation. Much like a champagne glass, the narrow base encourages bubbles to rise to the top, while the wide mouth creates a desired foamy head. This process helps enhance the beer’s natural flavors and aroma.

Beer Mug

Compatible with a wide range of beer types, a beer mug is an excellent glassware option for those who wish to keep their beer chilled. The mug features a strong and sturdy design with thick glass, providing it with excellent insulation. A round handle helps keep your hand away from the glass, preventing your body temperature from transferring to your beer, which will help it to remain cold. And thanks to its design, beer enthusiasts can place a beer mug in the freezer, enabling the beer to taste extra crisp without fear of breaking the glass.

Tulip Glass

Also referred to as a Belgian glass, this glassware option is ideal for stronger beers that possess ample amounts of hops, much like double stouts, Belgian beers, and other ales. It is easy to recognize this glass type with its rounded body placed on top of a small stern. With a rim that curves outward and a bowl that tapers at the top, this glass provides a foamy head that captures the brew’s aroma and enhances the consumer experience.

Weizen Glass

With a name that means “wheat” in German, it is not difficult to understand why this type of beer glass is generally used for serving wheat beers. Similar in design, Weizen glasses are often mistaken for pilsner glasses, with the difference being that Weizen glasses are slightly taller and hold more liquid. The curved profile helps trap sediment and yeast at the bottom of the glass, helping create that foamy head beer connoisseurs desire.

IPA Glass

An IPA glass is a newer type of glassware that offers consumers a unique experience while they enjoy a hoppy beer. Equipped with a series of ridges toward the bottom of the glass, IPA glasses have a truly unmistakable design. While these ridges give the glass a distinctive appearance, they also serve an important purpose. They are meant to aerate your beer with each sip, helping to release harsher aromatics in the process. Some variations of this glass also feature etching on the bottom, designed to release carbonation and promote a steady stream of bubbles.

Pair Our Selection with Different Types of Beer Glasses

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