On the Joys of Zinfandel

Zinfandel Grapes On Vine

If you’re searching for a food-friendly wine that both red and white lovers will enjoy, look no further than California’s famous Zinfandel. Originating in Croatia, the grape takes advantage of the state’s warm climate and accounts for 10 percent of the vines planted in all of California’s vineyards. For anyone who hasn’t tried Zinfandel wines yet, or who would like to know more, Columbia Distributing offers a closer look at this varietal.

Red or White?

Making for a bold, juicy red or a light, sweet white, how can the same grape produce two completely different tastes in Zinfandel wine? It happens in the early phases of the winemaking process. gaminator szint bónusz The light pink color of White Zinfandel is due to the removal of the grape skins, which typically occurs less than 24 hours into its fermentation. nyerőgépes játékok fruit poker The opposite holds true for Red Zinfandel, which maintains its deep color because its skins are left on during the entire fermentation process.

While both wines are extremely different, they are sure to please everyone in your crowd. Their other characteristics include:

  • Red Zinfandel: These wines offer jam-like fruitiness and a touch of sweetness with hints of boysenberry, blueberry, cherry, plum, cranberry, licorice and spice. They also boast a smoky finish.
  • White Zinfandel: Known for a smooth, pleasantly fruity and sweet taste with a low alcohol and calorie content, White Zinfandels are ideal for beginners or served on ice.

Perfect Pairings

Zinfandel is one of the most versatile and food-friendly wines, whether you opt for red or white. Both variations make excellent complements to chips and dip, grilled meats, fish and Italian dishes (especially pizza and pasta). For some out-of-the-box ideas, try the following pairings:

  • Pair Red Zinfandel with…Spicy Japanese dishes, beef chili, skirt steak, duck breast, curried pork and squash, deep-fried or barbeque ribs and spicy burgers
  • Pair White Zinfandel with…Asian cuisine, mild cheeses, Indian dishes, couscous, crab cakes, antipasto, egg-based creations, Creole cuisine and desserts

Please Your Crowd

Round out your selection of wines with Zinfandel to ensure that there’s something for everyone – and every meal. To learn more about our wines, contact Columbia Distributing today. With nearly 85 years of experience in serving the West Coast’s beverages needs, we’re able to provide the wine, spirits, beer and other beverages you require, plus the expertise needed to help you enjoy them.