The important relationship between drinks and snacks

Drinks and snacks at bar

Many times when people hear the word “pairing” they think of snobbery and a stuffy aristocrat picking a cheese for his wine. The truth is that we all pair our food and drinks, perhaps without even realizing it. We pick the best snacks for drinks all the time. Think about it, when you go to the movies, you carefully select your drink and your snacks so you get maximum enjoyment.

Food plays a role in the flavor of a drink, it can enhance or inhibit.

Finding the perfect drink to go with your favorite snack may not be easy and it may take several tries before your find the best relationship, but don’t give up because when you do finally find the right match your snack or mealtime will be forever improved.

Here’s what to consider when searching for the best snack and drink combination:

  • Consider how the drink enhances your snack flavor. Your beverage can pair nicely by contrasting with the flavor of your snack or by being a flavor twin and mirroring the flavor of your snack. A great example of this is with hard cider. A hard cider from Flatbed Cider could pair well with a pork chop or kale chips or both.
  • Consider the drink characteristics. Important characteristics to consider are the impact, body and alcohol content of your beverage. Keep in mind that if you are eating light you’ll want to pair your snack with a beverage with lower alcohol content. For instance a premium soda from Jones Soda Co. could pair well with Kettle Chips or a light sandwich.
  • Consider the acidity of both. For fatty foods an acidic drink will help clear your palate. If your snack is more acidic or spicy, you may want a drink that is neither acidic or spicy.
  • Consider carbonation. With some snacks the fizz from an ice cold drink can enhance your snack or mealtime experience. There are some snacks though that may not pair well with a fizzy drink. Alcoholic beverages will be more acidic and soda will be fizzy, so a good option is Snapple Tea., available in many flavors.
  • Consider sweet and bitter. While a contrasting flavor in your snack and drink can sometimes work to complement each other, remember that a super sweet treat and a bitter drink will most likely not pair well together. Keep in mind that any drink with tannins will increase the spiciness of food, so if you are not part of the some who like it hot crowd, steer clear of tannin-rich drinks when you’re having a spicy snack.
  • Have fun. Remember that snacks and drinks should be fun. Don’t let the idea of having the perfect drink-and-snack combo keep you from enjoying either one. Remember that what tastes great together to you may not taste great for your friend. Finding the right drink and snack fit is personal and subjective.

By remembering the four aspects of making a great food and snack fit and having fun while eating and drinking you are sure to come across a perfect combination. Get started today and check out the flavor profiles of our beverages. You never know when one might be the best match for your favorite snack.