In 2015, a group of friends in the San Francisco/ Bay Area, CA as an idea to develop a better for you beverage, that would cater to the everyday consumer whom may have been a big purchaser of CSD products. As the founders knew, the market lacked healthy alternative beverages and wanted to be first to market infusing hemp into their developing product. Knowing the positive benefits of hemp and hemp seed oils, they developed and created an organic, natural beverage that had good for you ingredients including “superfood” hemp seed oil, which now caters to a mass consumer known as HEMP2O.

Ace-Farm Aloe Drinks

This Ace-farm Aloe is made from 100% natural aloe juice. Produced in Korea with only the finest aloe vera from Philippine and Mexico! Each bottle consist of different flavors. Naturally produced with no added.

A tasty and refreshing aloe vera juice made with premium ingredients. ACE Aloe Vera Juice is a premium aloe vera juice made with real aloe vera pulp and real, natural honey, giving it a delicious taste and clean, refreshing finish. Contains less sugar than other leading brands.


Each of our drinks serves a specific purpose. You might benefit from neuroSONIC’s Focused Energy, in the morning and need neuroSLEEP at night. Whether it’s Daily Health, Stress Relief,Playful Energy, Healthy Appetite Control or Premium Alkaline Hydration, we let you decide what works best for you, no matter what your purpose.


At NESQUIK®, we celebrate the awesomeness of families. NESQUIK® loves to share with parents the joys of making nutritious & delicious choices with friends and family. We, and the bunny, are here to make your days a bit easier, full of love and the chocolately goodness of NESQUIK.

High Brew Coffee

The beauty of our cold-brewed coffee is that it is never in a rush. Our process of extracting the very best from our beans is one that happens over time, not heat, beause we don’t believe in burning out.

YooHoo chocolate milk

Yoo-hoo was created by Mr. Natale Olivieri in the 1920s. Ever since its creation, Yoo-hoo has satisfied consumers with its unique and delicious chocolate drink taste.

Brew Dr Kombucha

Townshend’s Tea Company began in 2006 with the idea of serving great teas in a casual teahouse setting. In 2008 we began making kombucha in the kitchens of our two teahouses, calling it Brew Dr. Kombucha. In 2009 we moved kombucha production to our current headquarters in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

Bai Drinks

Every flavor of Bai is designed to bring a smile to your face — just like the ones we had when bringing it to you. Bai is committed to creativity, focused on fun and wedded to whimsy. (And awesome at alliteration!) But we’re fiercely determined to make the best beverages in the world.

Vita Coco

In 2004, during a casual outing to a New York City bar, childhood friends Mike Kirban and Ira Liran met two young women from Brazil. Shortly after that night, Ira hopped on a plane to Brazil to see one of the girls and learned that the coconut water hype was real. When Mike came to visit a few months later, they got down to business with a plan to bring coconut water to the US. Vita Coco was born.