Unpalatable: When You Can’t Stomach that New Bottle

Cheap Alcoholic Beverages

Whether you’ve purchased a low-quality product or the taste is completely different than you expected, there comes a time for all of us when we purchase a bottle of bad alcohol. Once it’s open, you can’t return it, but there are a few things you can do so it doesn’t completely go to waste. Here, Columbia Distributing provides some suggestions.

Filter the Alcohol a Few Extra Times

One of the main issues with cheaper liquor and spirits is that the alcohol in question is given a very short distillation time and filtration process – affecting its taste drastically. The amount of time something is filtered directly corresponds to whether or not a spirit has that harsh burning sensation after you swallow it.

Luckily, there are a couple of easy ways for you can filter cheap alcohol at home and alleviate that bad aftertaste, including using a water pitcher with a filtration system in it. You can also strain it through a coffee filter and food-grade activated charcoal. Charcoal has been used to filter impurities out of spirits for centuries, making this a tried and true method.

Don’t Drink It Straight – Use a Mixer

If you’re looking to pour a few shots, avoid doing so with bad alcohol by itself. Instead, use mixers to alter the bitter taste. Many people use fruit juices or seltzer water to help wash it down. While this is an excellent option, you should aim to mix the alcohol with natural fruit juices and unsweetened seltzer. This is because bad-tasting alcohol is typically very dehydrating, and the added sugars in some mixers will only make the dehydration worse. Be sure to read the labels of whatever mixer you purchase to be sure that the added sugars are close to or at zero, as fruit already has natural sugars.

Infuse Cheap Spirits, Like Vodka

If you have a clear spirit like vodka or gin that needs an extra something to make it more palatable, you can infuse your bad alcohol. The most popular choice is fruit, such as apples, strawberries, watermelon, and the like. This is an exceptionally good idea if you’re looking to make cocktails with it, as the natural sugars in the fruit will add a sweetness that can cut the harshness of the alcohol and make it easier to consume. You can also use certain herbs and spices like cinnamon or mint. Of course, a combination of fruit and herbs, like watermelon and mint or apple and cinnamon, go very well together, as well.

For the Best Results, Combine These Methods

Doing any one of these things on their own will help alleviate the burn and bad taste associated with bad alcohol, but using two or more of these methods in combination can turn a bottle of cheap alcohol into a high-end spirit of your own making. At the very least, we recommend filtering the alcohol and infusing it afterward. For more tips and tricks or to view our range of products, contact Columbia Distributing today.