Why Seltzer Water Is Trending

Seltzer And Lime

As one of the many non-alcoholic beverages that we distribute at Columbia Distributing, seltzer water has seen an increased demand over the past several years. But what makes this fizzy drink so trendy and well-liked? Below, we dive into the reasons why seltzer has become the go-to drink for many Americans.

  1. It packs some serious zing.

Carbonation is what sets seltzer water apart from still water, activating the sour receptors on the tongue. When you take a sip of fizzy water, the bubbles will actually enhance the pungency of the carbonation, leaving you with that alluring sour taste that seltzer water is revered for.

  1. It’s refreshing.

There’s no doubt that seltzer tastes great on a hot day, but what exactly contributes to this refreshing quality? Besides activating your sour receptors, chilled seltzer stimulates the nerves that detect cooler temperatures, helping you stay equally refreshed and hydrated during warm-weather barbecues and summer outings.

  1. It has zero calories.

Seltzer water doesn’t contain sweeteners or sodium, making it an ideal no-calorie alternative to still water. And while it might be devoid of sugary sweetness, it’s just as satisfying thanks to its signature bubbling and distinctive bite.

  1. It bubbles.

For people who are trying to wean themselves off full-sugar sodas, seltzer water’s bubbles produce a familiar sensation. Plus, the carbonation in seltzer is believed to keep people feeling fuller longer than plain water does, making it a go-to choice for those looking to maintain or lose weight.

  1. It keeps you hydrated.

Every day, your body needs a specific amount of water to reduce fluid retention and give you the nutrients you need. Drinking seltzer water is a fantastic way to help you meet your daily water goals, while adding a little pop and zing to your day.

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