Employee Spotlight – Jesse Holder, Business Development Manager – Market Strategy

Columbia Distributing is proud to employ dedicated workers like Jesse Holder, who currently is the Business Development Manager – Market Strategy. Holder’s duties are essential to Columbia Distributing and its partners. They involve keeping the Integrated Marketing Platform running smoothly, working on different Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) projects with specific suppliers, and helping Columbia Distributing’s strategic partners with data analytics, market expansion, or strategy.

Jesse Holder and Wife

Here, Holder details what has stood out the most during his 3½ years at the company.

Variety of the Role

Working for the premier alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic products distributor in Oregon and Washington offers employees a wide range of opportunities. One of the biggest advantages is the diversity in day-to-day tasks.

“A typical day is becoming less and less the norm,” Holder says. “The Strategy department is pretty dynamic, so my day can vary a lot.”

When describing a typical day as a business development manager, Holder states, “Most days, you’ll find me bouncing between phone calls, Teams meetings, and computer work. Whether I’m coordinating with different teams, solving problems, or diving into data analytics, my role requires flexibility and a hands-on approach to juggling multiple tasks.”

This degree of assorted tasks helps keep things interesting and makes sure no two days are ever quite the same for Holder.

The Columbia Distributing Difference

By sticking to our core vision and values, as well as the work of our passionate employees, Columbia Distributing has earned a reputation as a dominant player in the Pacific Northwest beverage alcohol industry. This status has allowed Columbia Distributing to push boundaries and set off on new initiatives to keep us at the forefront of our industry. For employees like Holder, this is what draws them to Columbia Distributing.

“The opportunity to be part of an innovative, industry-leading company was too good to pass up,” Holder explains.

Room for Growth

At Columbia Distributing, we want to see our employees excel in their work and personal lives. We work hard to ensure ample opportunities are available for employees to chase their passions professionally and personally.

“Columbia Distributing is great at supporting career advancement,” Holder states. “They know that good, motivated employees keep the company strong and profitable. Leadership gets this and promotes work-life balance, mentor-mentee relationships, and invests in a ton of training programs.”

Join Our Winning Team Today

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