3 Characteristics of a Well-Run Warehouse


When you’re searching for an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage distributor, it’s important to understand the must-have qualities of a warehouse. That way, you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing a new distributor. And with customers to satisfy and a business to run, there’s just no time to deal with the consequences of making the wrong choice. Here are some warehouse fundamentals you should look for before committing to do business.

  1. Safety and Cleanliness

In the quest to improve efficiency while staying on top of ever-changing customer expectations and market conditions, safety and cleanliness standards may start to decay. However, warehouse flooring and other surfaces must remain clean and sanitary, and products must be rotated to help ensure employee and end-user safety. Not to mention, upholding cleanliness standards bodes well for potential customers and vendors, who may visit the warehouse from time to time.

  1. Organization

An unorganized warehouse can quickly fall into disarray. On the other hand, effective warehouse organization can help improve productivity, optimize space and reduce costs. In the end, when workers can receive merchandise, prepare orders and ship out items efficiently, customers will be the ones to benefit by receiving a superior level of service.

  1. Workers

Happy employees are more productive, and more productive workers are those who contribute to the company culture by nurturing positive, team-oriented relationships with coworkers, supervisors and managers. Because teamwork is the lifeblood of any warehouse, communication is a must-have warehouse quality to look for. Warehouse workers should also have effective time-management skills, be able to multitask and have a strong work ethic. All these qualities help the warehouse run smoothly.

Learn More about Columbia Distributing’s Warehouses

As a potential customer, you want to make sure that your business receives high-quality products on time, and warehouse operations play a large role in fulfilling your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our warehouses in Washington and Oregon and the vision and values that guide all our business practices.

The Landscape of U.S. Distributorships


Emerging retail trends are changing the customer experience, and the food and beverage landscape is no different. Today’s consumers are faced with an ever-growing amount of options when it comes to beverages, and as a result, they expect complex offerings and categories wherever they go. Continue on to learn more about the current U.S. distributorship environment in regard to the beverage industry.

What Is a Distributorship?

Whereas a distributor works as an independent selling agent, a distributorship is defined as a franchise granted by a manufacturer to market its goods. These products are usually sold at wholesale in a particular region. For instance, as one of the largest beverage wholesalers in the U.S., Columbia Distributing offers an extensive inventory of brands to restaurants, bars and other establishments throughout the Pacific Northwest.

How Are Distributorships Changing the Beverage Landscape?

Distributorships, like Columbia Distributing, pride themselves on their offerings, and in this competitive marketplace, they need to offer a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To keep up with market trends, Columbia Distributing has recently moved to purchase Oregon-based General Distributors and Marine View Beverage. With these acquisitions, we’ll be better positioned to offer our customers even more beverage options, so they can stock up on what their customers actually want.

Besides evolving consumer preferences, growing product variety and market consolidation, the current U.S. beverage distributorship landscape has been largely shaped by new technologies. To run a smarter, more cost-effective business, Columbia Distributing has taken a data-driven approach to developing our portfolio. At the moment, health and wellness drinks, like kombucha, coconut water and tea, are driving sales in the non-alcoholic segment, while hard seltzer has been making waves in the alcoholic beverage sector. Using these and other insights gained by our holistic approach to business development, we can shift our portfolio architecture to better meet our customers’ needs.

Make Columbia Distributing Your Full-Service Distributor

At Columbia Distributing, our portfolio of brands means you don’t have to use multiple suppliers to get the variety your customers demand. To learn how Columbia Distributing can fulfill all of your beverage needs, contact us today.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

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Old-Time Sodas You Need to Try

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Today, soda has become a huge part of American culture. You can’t go to any restaurant without being able to order a refreshing soda, nor can you stop by any gas station, deli or grocery store without finding a wide variety of your favorites. But these carbonated drinks weren’t the first – nor will they be the last – to offer a refreshing, delicious taste.

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The Importance of the Three-Tier System

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Mixing Hot Chocolate Right for the Kids

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The Lost Art of the Hot Toddy

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What Are the Marks of a Good Winter Ale?

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Best Beers for the Game

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Top 3 Recipes to Top Up Your Hot Chocolate

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