Lemonade Cocktails

Lemonade Cocktails

The feeling of a crisp, cool lemonade on a hot summer day is as timeless as it is refreshing, and most everyone can appreciate the relaxation that comes with a glass of lemonade in hand. With National Lemonade Day right around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to plan a get-together after work. Here are a few lemonade cocktail recipes from Columbia Distributing that are sure to help you wind down and cool off during this noteworthy occasion and other hot summer days in August.

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Fourth of July: Brews, BBQ, and Basic Safety

Beer And Hot Dogs With American Flag

Independence Day is the occasion for some of the biggest celebrations of the year. From backyard barbecues to larger gatherings at local eateries and special events, there are many ways to make the most of the holiday with friends and family. Here, Columbia Distributing offers tips for toasting to America while staying safe on the Fourth of July and beyond.

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Grill-Side Beers & NAs

Grill-Side Beverage

Summertime is synonymous with grilling and barbecues. This is the perfect time to spend a quality afternoon with friends and family while enjoying delicious food. But all that grilling can make you thirsty, especially when the summer sun is beating down. It’s important to have an assortment of drinks for you and your guests nearby. There’s no official grilling beverage, so you can fill your cooler with some time-honored alcoholic and non-alcoholic favorites. From National Burger Day beers to options for the kids, here are a few beverage suggestions from Columbia Distributing.

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What to Drink for Cinco de Mayo

Margarita cocktail with lime wheels and mint

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, and you may already be stocking up on piñatas, taco shells, and the like. But have you determined what will be on your drink menu? Whether you’re hosting a party or eating in, any holiday deserves a good beverage, especially one that brings out the best of spring. To help you prepare, Columbia Distributing in Portland, Oregon, suggests these Cinco de Mayo drinks to serve at your festivities.

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Tips for the Novice Wine Enthusiast

Woman pouring wine into stemless glass

Falling in love with great wine happens more quickly than you’d think. From savoring a glass now and then to learning more about varietals, regional nuances, and area wineries, you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of wine before you know it. Still, the steps from eager novice to confident wine enthusiast can be intimidating. No matter where you are on your wine journey, Columbia Distributing offers a few tips to help you make the most of your newfound passion.

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Ideal Gifts for the Drink Enthusiast in Your Life

Couple exchanges gift at home

Gifting isn’t always easy. Instead of another sweater or gift card, you want to find something the recipient will use and enjoy. If someone special in your life maintains a well-stocked wine cabinet, spends weekends visiting craft breweries, or has a keen interest in mixology, choosing the perfect gift just got much simpler. Here, Columbia Distributing offers suggestions for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gifts for any of the alcoholic beverages enthusiasts in your life.

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Top 5 Best Drinks for Your Date Night

Couple sitting at bar enjoying cocktails together

It’s date night: dinner is almost ready, the music is perfect, and you’re ready to spend quality time together. All that’s left is to whip up the perfect romantic drinks. If you’re planning a romantic night in with alcoholic beverages, Columbia Distributing shares five top date night drinks for the most special of occasions.

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Energy Drink Or Water: Picking Out Your Ideal Pick-Me-Up

Two Women Walking With Energy Drinks

Whether you’re heading out for a run, visiting the gym, or pumping up for an important meeting, you may wonder which drink to reach for: an energy drink or water? Columbia Distributing provides a variety of nonalcoholic beverages for stores and restaurants throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, including water and popular energy drinks. Learn how to choose the best options for your needs with this quick comparison.

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Are You Ready to Open Your Own Craft Brewery?

Craft Brewery Entrepreneur

Opening a brewery can seem like a dream job to beer lovers, but it takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of funding. If you’re preparing to open your own craft brewery, it’s important to understand a few factors that play a large role in the success of your new endeavor. Learn more about the craft brewery basics you need to know from Columbia Distributing before making your dream a reality.

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Mixing Something Warm for Colder Nights

Preparing Warm Mixed Drinks

Summer may be here, but chilly nights can always surprise us – even during the warmest months. When you don’t want to grab a sweater or turn up the heat, warm mixed drinks offer a fun way to chase away the cold with delicious alcoholic beverages. Find tasty ways to stay cozy when the temperatures drop with suggestions for hot mixed drinks from Columbia Distributing.

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