How to Celebrate Trinchero Heritage Month With Columbia Distributing

During February, Columbia Distributing is celebrating Trinchero Family Estates’ Trinchero Heritage Month. The month educates about the history of the Trinchero Family Estates’ expansive portfolio of amazing vineyards and wineries.

The Trinchero Family Estates Story

How much do you know about the Trinchero family? The Trinchero’s have roots in Italy and first settled in New York City. Mario Trinchero decided to leave the Big Apple in 1947 to search for a better life for his family. Along with his brother, John, the Trinchero’s purchased Sutter Home Winery, with their first harvest in 1948. Ten years later, Bob joined his father, Mario, as a winemaker in the family business.

Among the things the Trinchero family is known for, one of the most popular is their 1968 Sutter Home California Zinfandel, released in 1971. After a “stuck” fermentation in 1975, the Trinchero’s became known worldwide for their Original White Zinfandel — the first of its kind. Over the decades, Sutter Home’s White Zinfandel increased in popularity and became the best-selling wine in the United States in 1987. By 1989, White Zinfandel production had reached 2.7 million cases a year.

With unwavering fortitude and a little bit of luck, Trinchero Family Estates has continued to grow its brand throughout the decades. Trinchero Family Estates was named Wine Enthusiast’s American Winery of the Year in 2009 and added a spirits division in 2012.

The accolades kept coming, and in 2014, Trinchero Family Estates won Winery Portfolio of the Year at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Wine Enthusiast honored Bob and Roger Trinchero with their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017, and Bob Torkelson was named Wine Executive of the Year in 2019. Today, Trinchero Family Estates has over 50 wines and spirits from around the world in its portfolio.

Partners of Trinchero Family Estates

Trinchero Family Estates’ portfolio is considered a worldwide leader in the wine industry and has partnered with the following beverage brands over the years:

  • Bandit Wines: This wine comes in alternative, lightweight packaging made from paper and features many wine varietals
  • Charles & Charles: Founded by Charles Bieler and Charles Smith, this wine brand uses grapes from throughout Washington State
  • FRE Alcohol-Removed Wines: This brand makes non-alcoholic wine options for those who prefer not to consume
  • Iron + Sand: This wine brand produces Cabernet Sauvignon inspired by California’s hot springs
  • Joel Gott: Featuring many varietals, Joel Gott wines began their partnership with Trinchero Family Estates in 2009
  • Ménage à Trois: This wine combines three notable varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Merlot
  • Seaglass Wine Company: Taking inspiration from the ocean and sand, Seaglass Wine Company offers many varietals
  • Sutter Home: Sutter Home is a long-standing wine brand that has offered classic, affordable wines for more than 30 years

Raise a Glass to Trinchero Family Estates’ Large Wine Inventory

Wine lovers all over the world can find the perfect selection from Trinchero Family Estates. Below are some of the best-selling alcoholic beverages:

Echo Bay – Sauvignon Blanc

Inspired by New Zealand, Echo Bay makes pure, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc varieties. It evokes citrus notes in its scent and offers incredible gooseberry, passionfruit, and grapefruit flavors. The grapes used to make this wine are cold-fermented in stainless steel, providing a unique touch.

Bieler Père et Fils – Sabine Aix-en-Provence Rosé

Bieler Père et Fils mainly produces red and rosé blends with a Grenache base. The Sabine Aix-en-Provence Rosé is a delicious dry rosé that provides a refreshing, lightweight mouthfeel. The light, rosy color is perfect for bringing cheer to any gathering.

Avissi – Prosecco

Avissi specializes in making prosecco wines, handcrafting them using 100% Glera grapes grown in the Vento region of Italy. This wine offers incredible floral and fruit flavors, with a satisfying fizz to accompany the experience.

San Polo – Rubio Sangiovese

San Polo makes its wines with sustainability in mind and was awarded organic certification in 2017. Their Rubio Sangiovese variety is made in Montalcino, a hub for Brunello production. It produces incredible, bold fruit flavors with high acidity and high tannin.

Whatever your favorite vino is, Trinchero Family Estates has a wine that will please the palate of any wine lover.

Learn More About Trinchero Family Estates With Columbia Distributing

If you wish to learn more about the varieties of wines and spirits offered by Trinchero Family Estates, please contact us or your Columbia Distributing sales rep directly. We’re very excited to share this family of incredible wines with you and your team.

Columbia Distributing serves businesses in Oregon and Washington with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage choices, including Trinchero Family Estates wine brands. Contact us today for more information. Cheers to Trinchero Family Estates during Trinchero Heritage Month!