The current labor shortages are posing a threat to the efficient delivery of your product. A very important component to providing great service to you is your availability on the day of delivery during the hours of 8am and 5pm or during a designated delivery window. Those who are not available during these specified times will not receive product. Please keep in mind you have the options to use Will Call at your nearest branch or add your order to your next delivery day.

We appreciate your support and cooperation during these challenging times.

Cut Off Time

Order “Cut off Time” displayed on The Fridge is the day before delivery date and to create consistency for our retailer partners, all cut off times during the week is 3pm PST and on Sunday there is an early cut off of 1pm PST.

NOTE: If you log in after the posted cut off time then your order will be rolled over to the next available delivery date, please contact your Sales Rep if you have special needs.

Hot Sheets

These “Hot Deals” can be added directly to your cart from The Fridge! Please note hot deals or fire sales have end dates typically on the last day of the month, if your next delivery is after the last day of the month please will call item for pickup to ensure pricing and communicate with sales rep if you have any questions.

Will Call Locations & Contact info