Nonalcoholic Beverages

Since 1935, Columbia Distributing has been helping retailers, suppliers and restaurateurs throughout the Pacific Northwest fulfill their beverage needs. In addition to beer, hard cider, spirits and wine, we also offer an ever-growing selection of nonalcoholic beverages to accommodate the diverse preferences of your guests. Check out the brands of soda, coffee, tea, water, juice and wellness drinks that we distribute, and then, call your nearest branch location to learn more about our distribution services.

Coffee and Tea

Browse our nonalcoholic beverage selection, and you’ll come across a variety of coffee drinks. From trendy cold-brew coffee to deliciously creamy lattes to flavored creamers sure to liven up any brew, we have the options your bar, restaurant, event center or store needs to satisfy virtually any palate. Besides coffee, we also distribute a wide range of teas, including ready-to-drink iced teas and kombucha.

Soda and Juice

For those who prefer the taste of sweet drinks, Columbia Distributing offers a fine selection of fruit juices and premium soda. From national brands to craft soda makers, our assortment gives you plenty of choices, so you can stock your shelves and line your coolers with a diverse array of brands and beverages. 

Water and Wellness Drinks

Looking for bottled water? We distribute that, too. Choose from spring, rain, seltzer, vitamin-enhanced and flavored sparkling water. We also have a number of wellness drinks on hand to accommodate health-conscious patrons. In our assortment, you’ll find hemp-infused beverages, aloe vera juice, chocolate drinks, coconut water and much, much more.

Reach Out to Columbia Distributing Today

Keep your nonalcoholic beverage selection well supplied with help from Columbia Distributing. For over 80 years, we’ve been a leader in beverage distribution in the Pacific Northwest, and presently, we’re one of the largest beverage distributors in the U.S. Put our knowledge, expertise and commitment to our values to the test for your establishment today. To learn more about the nonalcoholic brands and beverages we distribute, contact our dedicated team. We look forward to working with you.