Unique Flavor-Infused Spirits

Line Of Cocktails With Fruits.Most spirits come in the same standard flavors, and for good reason. They have stayed popular for a long time because they taste delicious and go well in cocktails. However, if you are exploring new ways to mix it up and offer something more interesting to your guests or customers, then you need to check out the growing number of more unusual flavored spirits on the market. Columbia Distributing has put together a list of some of the spirits with the most distinctive flavors to help you create new drink recipes and exciting combinations.

Savory Spices

Add a flavorful kick to your drinks with spirits infused with interesting and unexpected spices. Going beyond the standard cinnamon, we are seeing distillers break open their spice cabinets to create some truly one-of-a-kind blends loaded with savory notes, heat and other flavors you wouldn’t expect in spirits.

Our Pick: Bluewater Distilling is known for crafting organic spirits, and their lineup includes several unique spice infusions. The Wintersun Organic Aquavit, a grain spirit, features caraway and aniseed for a taste of black licorice with a splash of orange. For more aromatic cocktails, try their Elderflower Cardamom Liqueur, which wows with the flavor of elderflowers and a hint of cardamom.

Sweet Treats

You may have tried whipped cream or birthday cake vodka before, but this genre of flavors is still expanding. Satisfy your sweet tooth with spirits that bring back memories of getting a treat at the ice cream truck. These spirits are perfect for hot days relaxing by the pool, and you won’t have to worry about them melting.

Our Pick: Svedka’s Orange Cream Pop vodka pairs orange and vanilla to bring the taste of a classic summer treat to refreshing cocktails or fun Jell-O shots and frozen alcoholic beverages. For a new twist on the classic Piña Colada, their Strawberry Colada vodka offers a sweet burst of summery flavor.

Interesting Fruits

Spirits have long been infused with fruit flavors, but creative distillers are going above and beyond the staples, like lemon, raspberry, and orange. Whether it’s using an uncommon fruit or blending different fruits to create a fun taste profile, exotic fruits and delicious blends make it easy to add new flair to classic cocktails.

Our Pick: If you love the bold, bright taste of citrus, you won’t want to miss Bluewater Distilling’s Organic Blood Orange Vodka or Svedka’s Clementine Vodka. Infused with natural flavors, these fresh takes on citrus enliven everything from punches to martinis. For a fun update on tropical flavors, you’ll also want to try Svedka’s Cucumber Lime or sweeten things up with their Mango Pineapple Vodka.

Wine Blends

If you haven’t tried wine cocktails, there’s no time like the present. Distillers have taken note of this trend, and many now offer wine-infused spirits that allow you to quickly mix up a batch of cocktails inspired by your favorite vintages.

Our Pick: Whether you want to give your frosé an extra kick or create a one-of-a-kind sangria cocktail, Svedka’s Rosé Vodka is a great choice. This blend of vodka and rosé wine offers just enough sweetness to complement fruity cocktails but will delight when served on the rocks with a twist of lemon as well.

Explore Unusual Flavored Spirits

There’s no doubt that distillers have grown extremely creative with infusions, producing a huge array of unique flavors that will only grow in the future. To stay on top of these trends, order your beverages from Columbia Distributing. Our extensive portfolio of brands includes spirits, wine, and beer, as well as many nonalcoholic beverages. To learn more, contact us today or visit your nearest location in Washington, Oregon, or California.