Inclusion Council Member: Brie Malik, Merchandising Supervisor

Brie Malik, Merchandising Supervisor at Columbia Distributing

Columbia Distributing is proud to have served communities across Washington and Oregon as a premier distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages since 1935. Our reputation for delivering quality products and outstanding customer service wouldn’t be possible without our passionate team members, such as Brie Malik, Merchandising Supervisor at the Eugene branch. Malik has been working for Columbia Distributing since July 2020. Here, she shares her insights into what makes Columbia Distributing such a great place to work.

Daily Responsibilities of the Merchandising Supervisor

As Merchandising Supervisor, Malik must ensure she can support her team at all times. Her commitment to her team is evidenced by her early start to the day — Malik gets in at around 5 a.m. so she’s available to meet their needs. She’s still hard at work at 5 p.m. when she goes through routing numbers and prepares the team to complete the next day’s tasks.

Most of the employees on Malik’s team are working within a 90-day probation period. This period gives new hires time to decide if the work and workplace environment is for them and enables the Columbia Distributing team to determine whether they’ll keep the recruit longer. Malik’s goal is to work with as many team members as possible each day to positively affect their experience, increasing the likelihood they make Columbia Distributing a long-term place of employment.

A Culture of Inclusion Impacts Work at Columbia Distributing

Of its several core values, inclusivity is one of the most important for Columbia Distributing. In its equity statement, the company notes that it’s stronger when embracing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and thrives when all team members show each other the same level of respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, identity, or belief.

Malik values the dedication Columbia Distributing has made toward a more inclusive workplace. She recognizes there is still work to do, but she also notes there has been a vast improvement in just the three years since she started at the company.

“The diversity of my team has had such a positive impact on productivity and general morale,” Malik says. “I hope we continue to grow and become even more inclusive as a whole company.”

Another important aspect for Malik is community: “I want the company I work for to mirror the community in which I live. I want people to see Columbia Distributing and think — that place is for me, too.”

To this end, Columbia Distributing not only seeks to benefit jobseekers of all backgrounds and expressions in the Oregon and Washington areas but also works diligently to give back to these communities. Our support has helped non-profit organizations seeking to improve access to education and healthcare and promote better stewardship of the environment, among other causes.

The People Create the Great Work Environment at Columbia Distributing

From company leaders to entry-level employees, Malik finds that what separates Columbia Distributing from other organizations is the people.

“The people I work with are the driving force for everything I do at work,” Malik explains. “It’s why I stay, and most importantly, why I’m happy to go to work every day.”

She also finds that the leaders at Columbia Distributing thoroughly support her career advancement. “My boss constantly helps me understand more of his role and the inner workings of the company, as well as mentors me for the next opportunity,” Malik says.

Carve Your Career Path at Columbia Distributing

Malik encourages jobseekers to consider Columbia Distributing: “It’s an exciting place to work, fast-paced, and there’s so much opportunity for personal growth here. Let your ambitions be known because many people will help you reach your goals.”

Distributing careers are available for individuals across Washington and Oregon with a range of skills and talents, including in sales and truck driving. To learn more about our company and job openings, contact us today.