Pair Each Holiday Dinner With the Perfect Beverage

Whether bringing a six-pack to a friend’s holiday party or buying a little something for yourself, finding the perfect complement to heavy, comfort food can be difficult. Here is a quick guide on which beverage to reach for during the holiday season.

beer illustration

While Cooking

Whether cooking or just hanging out, make sure not to get filled up before the meals starts. A crisp, light beverage is the best way to go. A Pilsner or Pils is a good choice to whet the palate. For flavor, anything with a tart aftertaste will prepare the tongue for the hearty food that is often accompanied with a cranberry or apple spark.

Between Forkfuls of Food

Of course, the most important beverage choice comes during the meal. Since meats are the staple of most holiday meals, an Oktoberfest will pair nicely, as the Germans know how to mesh meat and beer. A Belgian-style pale ale has some carbonization that cleanses the tongue between each bite to allow for a tour of all the foods available. For those who shy away from beer, a hard cider has that same crispness with a fruity bite that foreshadows dinner for the tongue.

Relaxing Time

Traditionally, a stout is favored after dinner for coffee, chocolate, or hoppy flavors. These will compliment and pull out the flavors of pies and cakes. Many Christmas ales feature cinnamon or a bit of spice to take the edge off all the sweetness. A sipping beer with a hint of spice or citrus can undercut an overly sweet dessert. On the other hand, a strong sipping ale that has elements of vanilla, cherry, and nuts is a nice alternative to a dessert and sits well on a full stomach.

Columbia Distributing wishes a happy holiday to you and your family!