A Sweet Sampler of Popular Malternatives

Three malternative cocktails on a bar

Beers, wines, and liquors aren’t for everyone. If you’re part of the crowd that prefers a refreshingly sweet yet light-bodied beverage, try a malternative. Columbia Distributing offers alcoholic malt beverages throughout the Northwest and introduces some of the most popular malternatives to try here.

Smirnoff Ice

Smirnoff Ice has been a leader in the malt beverage market since 2007 and is one of the most well-known and loved malternatives out there. It offers a wide range of fruity flavors, from green apple to peach, as well as its Smash line, which introduces intriguing fruity combos such as strawberry and lemon or pineapple and coconut. There’s something to suit virtually every taste and preference, and at an affordable price, it’s a great crowd-pleaser to have at your next get-together.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Hard is another popular brand that markets itself as “what laughter tastes like.” It is the inventor and producer of the original hard lemonade, which is a perfect combo of sweetness and tangy citrus that’s guaranteed to brighten your day. Several inventive flavors are also available, including cranberry passion fruit and even a malternative margarita. If you’d like a little more kick to your drink, Mike’s HARDER delivers an 8% alcohol content and is available in all the same flavors as the original line. 

Twisted Tea

Not all malternatives are fruity. If you’re looking for some variety, try a Twisted Tea Original. Arguably the most popular brand of hard iced tea, it’s made from some of the finest teas in the world and includes a splash of lemon flavor, making for a drink that’s refreshing, smooth, and delicious. Many Twisted Tea Original fans insist that the beverage is best enjoyed when sipped from a mason jar – over ice – in true Southern style.

Redd’s Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale tastes exactly like a high-quality, farm-fresh glass of apple cider. While it’s not as sweet as some of the other malternatives on the market, it has enough apple flavor to cover any bitterness and keep you refreshed all year long. It’s also on the light side with only 165 calories per can, allowing you to fulfill your apple cider cravings without the guilt.

Four Loko

Last but not least, this malternative was introduced in 2005 and almost instantly shot to popularity as a must-have for parties or hanging out with friends. To this day, Four Loko remains a trendy, adventurous brand that loves to invent the unexpected. While many of the variations are straightforward and fruity, like Four Loko Blue Razz or Four Loko Fruit Punch, there are also a few more unconventional offerings, from Four Loko Frost to Four Loko Gold.

Find Your Ideal Malternative with Columbia Distributing

The next time you’re looking to stock your coolers, check out the products available from Columbia Distributing. We offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, from the most popular malternatives to a handful of niche brews. To learn more about malternatives, find out whether we distribute to your area, or to inquire about stocking your store with our products, contact us today.