Top Brunch Cocktails to Liven Up the Party

Pink cocktails with salted rims and grapefruit and lime slices

If you want to take your upcoming brunch gathering to the next level, you’ll need to serve the right cocktails. Brunch foods and cocktails go together like, well, bacon and eggs. Lighter, fruity, and bubbly beverages generally go best with midday meals. However, lighter brunch dishes and appetizers pair well with heavier drinks. Whether you’re ordering out from a restaurant or making everything at home, the following brunch cocktail suggestions from Columbia Distributing will complement the meal perfectly.

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A Loving Look at Lager and Its Unique Flavor Profile

Beer production plant with several rows of steel tanks

A lager is a style of beer that, compared to traditional brewing, is made with a longer fermentation process at a lower temperature. This requires more storage time, which means the overhead costs of producing a fine lager are higher than those of an ordinary beer. Ales also rank as specific types of beer. The technical differences between these products relate to the brewing process. Brewing lagers requires a longer fermentation period, and that fermentation occurs from the bottom up to the top. Regular beer and ales ferment at higher temperatures from the top down.

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Top Things We’ve Missed About Going Out for Drinks

Group of people toasting beer in pub

Do you miss the ambiance and excitement of sitting around a table at a bar sipping your favorite drink and socializing with friends? It feels like forever since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, forcing everyone to embrace doing almost everything from home. As you ease back into going out, Columbia Distributing covers some of the things you might have missed the most.

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Exploring What Cherries Add to Drinks

Two glasses of cherry juice surrounded by fresh cherries

Cherries have been an accent, garnish, and enjoyable addition to all types of food and drink for centuries. With their stark red appearance and notable taste, cherries often enhance the taste of the foods and drinks they are added to. However, with many varieties of cherries to choose from, you may find yourself wondering which ones you should be adding to your drinks.

The first question is whether you want sweet cherries or tart cherries. Sweet cherries are easier to find, but tart cherries have historically seen much more use as garnishes and additions to drinks. Consider Italy, where tart cherries thrive. Italy is where cocktail cherries first gained traction. To best understand this, you need to know a little bit of history about Italian cherries first. Columbia Distributing takes a look at the marriage between cherries and drinks and the history behind this perfect combo.

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Lemonade Cocktails

Lemonade Cocktails

The feeling of a crisp, cool lemonade on a hot summer day is as timeless as it is refreshing, and most everyone can appreciate the relaxation that comes with a glass of lemonade in hand. With National Lemonade Day right around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to plan a get-together after work. Here are a few lemonade cocktail recipes from Columbia Distributing that are sure to help you wind down and cool off during this noteworthy occasion and other hot summer days in August.

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How to Sip/Taste Tequila

Tequila Glass With Lime

Most Americans’ experience with tequila is limited to margaritas and shots, but neither gives a full picture of the alcohol’s complexity. Tequila used in margaritas typically comes from a blended product that contains a 50-50 mix of distilled agave and another source, while shot glasses don’t allow drinkers to taste the alcohol in its entirety. Understanding how to properly taste tequila, from what glass to use to how to properly sip it, is crucial to truly enjoy it. Here, Columbia Distributing offers a variety of tequila tips so you can fully experience the popular spirit.

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Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Bottle of cold brew coffee and two glasses on wooden tabletop

Looking for a caffeinated beverage but not in the mood for piping-hot coffee? Delicious cold brew coffee is the perfect answer. While it takes a lot longer to make, cold brew is often more flavorful and gives a slightly bigger boost of energy. However, these aren’t the only benefits of the cold brew method.

In most cases, hot drip and cold brew coffees share many of the same perks. Both boost your energy and are low-calorie drinks (unless you take lots of cream or sugar). The beans are roasted in the same ways and to the same temperature levels. The biggest difference is the method of brewing. Columbia Distributing looks at how cold brew coffee is made and the benefits of drinking this type of beverage.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

In order for coffee to be cold brewed, the coffee beans must be steeped in cold or room temperature water for at least eight hours. Ground beans are best and should be in a filter within the pitcher – or whatever you are steeping them in – so that residue does not transfer to your drink. If you like your coffee strong, 12 hours is the optimal amount of time to steep the beans.

Although it’s delicious without additives, cold brew is still a great base for lattes and coffee-based cocktails since these types of beverages aren’t bitter and have bolder and smoother flavors. You can also steep ingredients like coconut shavings or cinnamon with the ground beans to infuse your coffee with different flavors. It’s easy to get creative with recipes to find some awesome flavor pairings with cold brew coffee.

The necessary time to brew coffee this way can be a drawback for some people. Iced coffees can be a good alternative in a pinch. Additionally, caffeine lovers who are not the best at time management can enjoy a pre-made cold brew.

Advantages of Drinking Cold Brew

While hot drip coffee may still be king in most cases, there are many advantages to the cold brew method, including how this type of coffee affects your physical and mental health as well as the characteristics of the coffee itself.

Less Acidity Than Drip Coffee

Since there is no heat in the cold brewing method, less acidity is formed in the coffee. This in turn makes the flavor of the coffee smoother and less bitter. Drinkers will require little to no additives like milk, creamers, or sugars, which lowers the calorie count of the beverage, too. Coffee that is cold brewed is great for those who love bold flavors as well as those looking to eat and drink healthier.

Furthermore, cold brews are good for those who tend to get an upset stomach or acid reflux from hot or drip coffee. It contains more crude polysaccharides, which boost digestive immunity, and the lower levels of acids decrease gut irritation and inflammation.

Cold Brews Stay Fresher Longer

Drip or hot coffees tend to go stale faster. Once it cools off, it’s no longer fresh, and reheating it only diminishes the flavor. Because of the way it’s made, cold brew coffee can stay fresh for over a day, especially if you refrigerate it.

Cold Brews Boost Mental and Physical Health

Aside from promoting healthier consumption of your actual cup of coffee, cold brew coffee has higher levels of antioxidants, crude saccharides, and chlorogenic acid. These are known for boosting immunity, digestive health, and mental health.

The caffeine heightens your body’s dopamine absorption, which puts you in a better mood. It’s also an antioxidant, which helps your body to rid itself of free radicals that can cause cancer. Caffeine also promotes a faster metabolism, which can help you to lose or maintain weight by helping you burn more calories at rest.

Explore Cold Brew Coffee with Columbia Distributing

Cold brew coffee is easy to make. If you have busy mornings, steep your coffee overnight so your perfect cup is ready by the time you leave the house. Pre-made cold brew coffees make for perfect midday treats that will give you the boost you need to get through the rest of the workday. Contact us at Columbia Distributing today to find a great cold brew or other beverage option that meets your needs and preferences.

Fourth of July: Brews, BBQ, and Basic Safety

Beer And Hot Dogs With American Flag

Independence Day is the occasion for some of the biggest celebrations of the year. From backyard barbecues to larger gatherings at local eateries and special events, there are many ways to make the most of the holiday with friends and family. Here, Columbia Distributing offers tips for toasting to America while staying safe on the Fourth of July and beyond.

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Cold Brews to Serve with Donuts

Donut and Coffee

For many people in America, breakfast is as simple as coffee and a donut, and while it might not sound like much, it’s exactly what they need to get their day started. Cold brew coffee is especially popular around National Donut Day, and with all of the available brands and possible combinations, there are some things to consider when picking the right donut to dunk in your coffee. To help you get the most out of your favorite cold brew coffee and donut pairing, Columbia Distributing offers a few tips.

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Grill-Side Beers & NAs

Grill-Side Beverage

Summertime is synonymous with grilling and barbecues. This is the perfect time to spend a quality afternoon with friends and family while enjoying delicious food. But all that grilling can make you thirsty, especially when the summer sun is beating down. It’s important to have an assortment of drinks for you and your guests nearby. There’s no official grilling beverage, so you can fill your cooler with some time-honored alcoholic and non-alcoholic favorites. From National Burger Day beers to options for the kids, here are a few beverage suggestions from Columbia Distributing.

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