Fizzy: Why Do We Carbonate?

Fizzy Drink

Walk into any grocery store, convenience store or restaurant and you’ll likely be able to find a carbonated beverage. Though it’s easy to overlook those tiny bubbles in the quest to quench your thirst, carbonation actually contributes a lot to the flavor of a drink. But what is carbonation, and why do people seem to like it so much? Explore the answers to those questions with us here at Columbia Distributing.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with 3 of the Sweetest Hard Sodas

Glass Of Sweet Hard Soda

Got a penchant for all things sweet? Then, you’ll love hard soda. A relatively new alcoholic beverage, hard soda is made to taste just like your favorite soft drink, whether you prefer the citrusy taste of orange soda or the classic flavor of root beer. At Columbia Distributing, we offer various types of hard sodas from some of the most popular brands in the game. Here are our picks for the sweetest hard sodas.

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How to Cover All the Drink Bases at Your Next Big Party

Guests Toasting With Party Drinks For Everyone

As a host, it’s your job to ensure that guests are comfortable and feel included. And one surefire way to make sure every guest at the party has a great time is to have a variety of drinks on hand to accommodate different tastes. Here, Columbia Distributing explains how to cover all the bases at your next get-together with party drinks for everyone, no matter their preference.

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The Key to Craft Brewery Designer

Man Operating Machinery In Craft Brewery

Right now, we’re in the middle of a craft brewing renaissance, and the American craft beer craze shows no signs of stopping. As Americans are introduced to new types of beer, they’re also presented with a brand-new place to experience them – the craft brewery.

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Top Cider Fruits (That Aren’t Apples)

Cider Glass On Bar

Sipping a refreshing glass of hard apple cider is like biting into a crisp, juicy apple on a cool autumn afternoon. Apples are the predominant ingredient in most of the hard ciders we carry at Columbia Distributing, but what about other fruits?

Using different fruits to make hard cider adds a unique twist to the traditional method, offering bursts of new flavors with every sip. Almost every fruit can be fermented to make hard cider – find out which are the most popular, then head to Columbia Distributing to find your favorites.

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What Do We Mean by ‘Progressive Adult Beverage’?

Girl Drinking

Progressive adult beverages, or PABs as they’re often referred to, are becoming increasingly popular. We’re starting to see them sold more and more at liquor stores and convenience stores around the country. But what are progressive adult beverages, anyway? Today, Columbia Distributing breaks it down and gets to the bottom of what this drink category really means.

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Advice for Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Foods

Wine And Food Platter

When enjoyed alongside certain meals and types of food, the intricate notes of wine are brought to the forefront. If you’re just starting to explore the world of wine pairings, here are some general tips that can help. Columbia Distributing specializes in wine brands and varieties to provide a flavor for every meal.

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Most Popular Cocktails to Make at Home


You don’t have to be a bartender to whip up your favorite mixed drinks. In fact, many of the most common cocktails only require a few ingredients and are easy enough to make at home. Today, Columbia Distributing takes a look at what some of the most popular at-home cocktails are. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply treating yourself, use these recipes to make cocktails like a true professional.

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Best Occasions for Relaxing with a Glass of Wine

Relaxing With Wine

Wine and relaxation go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or celebrating an accomplishment, there are many occasions that call for a glass of your favorite rosé or pinot noir. For all your relaxing wine occasions, Columbia Distributing offers a diverse range of wine from your favorite brands to uncork and enjoy.

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Perfect Spirit and Food Pairings for Your Next Get-Together

Friends Toasting

Who doesn’t love a crisp glass of wine paired with a delectable cheese spread? Though suitable for some, you might prefer a chilled glass of whiskey or a vodka cocktail instead. So when it comes to throwing your next dinner party, pairing dishes with complementary spirits is a great way to mix things up. Check out these spirit and food pairings to prepare for your next get-together with friends and family, and then find exactly what you’re looking for at Columbia Distributing.

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