Ice Cream Paired with Beer? How This Unlikely Combo Can Make for Tasty Floats

Two ice cream floats on table

When it comes to ice cream floats, most people use root beer for the liquid portion of this tasty treat. But, did you know there’s an alcoholic twist that can be just as good by dropping the scoops of ice cream into a glass of beer instead? From stouts to hefeweizens, there’s a wide variety of mouth-watering floats you can craft with different types of beer. With over 260 brands, Columbia Distributing is one of the largest beer distributors in the Pacific Northwest. Here, we serve up some recipes of tasty beer floats to try.

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Understanding Different Types of Hops and How They Impact the Taste of Your Beer

Pint of beer with hops on a wooden table

There’s nothing quite like a cold, refreshing pint from your favorite brand. But what gives it that flavor you love? The secret lies in the ingredients – namely the hops. There is a huge variety of beers on the market today that differ in flavor profile and aroma, and hops do more than contribute to the bitterness of the brew. Here, Columbia Distributing discusses the role hops play in the ingredient list and how they affect the taste of your beer. Continue reading…

Tips and Tricks for Aging Beer at Home

Woman opening bottle of beer

There’s nothing quite like a cold, refreshing brew. While many beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh from the store, some may taste better over time. But what’s the best way to age these alcoholic beverages? Here, Columbia Distributing discusses some of our best tips and insights into this process. Continue reading…

Is Hard Seltzer Healthier than Beer or Wine?

Two glasses of sparkling water with lemon slices

Sales of hard seltzer have skyrocketed in recent years as many consumers look for an alcoholic beverage that’s on the lighter side. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, there’s a spiked seltzer option to suit almost any palate. But is hard seltzer healthier than beer, wine, or other options? Here, Columbia Distributing examines the benefits of hard seltzer. Continue reading…

Quarterly Philanthropy Review: Educational Scholarships

Columbia Distributing Scholarship Program

Philanthropy with its charity partners is not new to Columbia Distributing. “We are a 90-year-old company, and everywhere we’ve done business, we have also given back to the community,” says Lindsi Taylor, director of corporate communications. The company also gives back to its employees and has awarded two $10,000 educational scholarships to dependents of full-time team members for the last four years.

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Employee Profile: Jon-Paul ‘JP’ Lafitte on the Career Opportunities at Columbia Distributing

Jon Paul

Columbia Distributing distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to retailers, restaurants, and bars throughout the Pacific Northwest and northern California. But what makes the company stand out from other employers? “Given everything that the world has thrown at us, it’s always been a good place to work,” says Jon-Paul “JP” Lafitte.

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To Age or Not to Age: How to Determine Which Beers to Add to Your Cellar

Belgian beers stored on shelves

Good beer doesn’t happen by accident. Dedicated brewers orchestrate a complex combination of flavor notes and ingredients. As a beer aficionado, you then consider all the choices and select the styles and brands that suit your tastes. With this effort invested, there is one element that gets neglected. What do you really know about aging beer? Is aged beer different depending on whether it’s a sour, ale, stout, or IPA? How long does beer last in and out of the fridge? Continue reading…

Employee Spotlight: Marlon Argueta Moves to New Role at Columbia Distributing

Marlon Argueta

Columbia Distributing is a company where employees are encouraged to pursue training opportunities and advance their skills. And within each job role is a chance for networking, mentoring, and career advice. Marlon Argueta found encouragement from within the company to apply for a new job, and that’s how he moved from his position as a driver to a routing analyst. Continue reading…

What Is Hard Seltzer? A Beginner’s Guide

Glasses of hard seltzer with lemons and cherries on table

If you’ve gone out recently, chances are you’ve noticed patrons enjoying a concoction called hard seltzer. If you’ve never experienced one of these delicious beverages, you may be wondering, what is hard seltzer, anyway? At Columbia Distributing, it has always been within our vision and values to educate our customers on the products we carry, including hard seltzers. Here, we offer a guide to hard seltzers and suggest some of the top brands newcomers can try responsibly.

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Don’t Like Hops? Here Are the Best Types of Beers to Try Instead of IPAs

Closeup of pints of beers being toasted by group of people

Known for their bitter and strong taste, India pale ales (IPAs) are a popular type of beer that emphasize hop flavors and aromas. They get their distinct characteristics from the hops used to brew them, which give them a citrusy undertone. On the scale of international bitter units (IBUs) – which can range from five (not bitter at all) to 120 (extremely bitter) – American IPAs tend to fall in the 55 to 70 range. Double IPAs can be as high as 100 IBUs. Finally, because of the variety of brewing methods, IPAs can contain higher levels of alcohol compared to other types of beer.

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